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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 15

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Few days after asking Vivy out, Vienney came visiting.

“Wow!! You didn’t tell me you were coming” Val said as he opened his door net for a s*xy** and tempting looking Vienney to enter.

“Yea I know, I wanted to surprise you” She said as she entered giving him a seductive smile.

” What if you didn’t meet me at home?”
“Then I would have tried another day” she said throwing herself on the bed as her b0s0m juggled up and down. She was putting on a loose white tank top that showed enough chunk of her b0s0m and a black patterned skirt.

“Well you are welcome and what do I offer you?” He asked.

“Well there will be time to offer me things, but right now I need you to give me my undies because I have none under this clothes” she said bringing out the seductive smile again.

“Wow!! You can’t be serious” he exclaimed.

“You wanna check it out?” She asked daring him to.

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She spread her legs apart giving him a good view of her fresh laps. “Come on, checking is free” she continued with a smile.

He couldn’t resist the view before him.

It was so tempting and a tent was forming on his shorts already. He swallowed hard as she parted her legs the more giving him almost a full view of her treasure house.

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“Ok that’s enough, I don’t wana check” he said trying to look away from the sight that held his gaze. The tent that has formed on his short was so visible and couldn’t be hidden with his hand inside is pocket. That was his last will power he mustered to say that and he knows that any little persistence from her will get him hitting her hard between her legs.

As if she read his thoughts, she stood and drawing her skirt upwards she walked towards him.

“Come on Val, check this out, it doesn’t bite” she said dragging his hand between her laps.

He felt some wet substance as he caressed her laps up to her treasure zone. She was dripping wet and this urged him on. He withdrew before he could touch her honeypot and caressed her laps down wards to her knee cap. This got her wet the more as she was dripped down towards her knees. He bent down and knelt with one leg and asked her to hold on to his shoulders. She obeyed without objection as he began his work in earnest. He drew her skirt upwards till he had an unobstructed view of her well trimmed honey pot. He swallowed hard as his throat felt so dry. He parted her laps and started caressing her with both hands, one on each leg.

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He caressed her up to her hollies and bringing his mouth close, blew warm air on her honey pot. This sent waves of pleasure across her whole being as her m0an!ng took a whole new level. He caressed the trimmed hairs gently for a while before patting the labia major with his fingers. Her sticky wets hung unto and drew lines across the lips of her labia majors.

Inserting a finger in, he started to play with the already protruded red cl!t that stared at him.

He flicked it, rubbed it hard, and giving it a light pinch at interval. Her m0ans were resounding through his room as he continued his exploits on her. As she continued to enjoy this sweet torture, she kept begging him to dig deep inside of her.

He pulled out his wet filled hand and pushed a finger up into her mouth. She tasted herself from his finger and smiled down at him.

Taking back his hand he pushed a finger deep into her honey pot. This caught her by surprise as she gave out and ecstatic m0an.

The walls of her virg clasped tight around his finger despite her wetness.

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