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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 13

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)


He walked out from his class to meet Vivy standing with some girls in front of his department. He touched his shirt collar, straightened his cloth and also wiped his oily face with his handkerchief.

“What are you doing in front of my department?” he asked as he walked up to them. She turned, smiled and gave him a hug before answering him.

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“And what are you still doing in class by this time?” She threw back at him.

“Well this is my department and am making sure that beautiful girls like you ladies don’t draw crowd around here.” he answered as all the girls started laughing.

“And when did they make you the chief security of your department?” She fired again amidst laughter.

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“They don’t have to, as a good student of this department, it’s my obligation to see that beautiful ladies don’t stand around here.”
They played on with the question and answer thingy for a while before she decided to introduce him to her friends.

“Babes don’t mind this boy, please meet Val aka purity and Val meet my friends Chizzy and Jane”
” Purity! Purity!! Purity!! Are you sure you are pure?” Jane asked.

“Well that I’m not so sure, checking is free so feel free to come check me out anytime.” He answered her as they all laughed.

“Ok!!!… With that answer coming from you, believe me, you ain’t a cent pure” Chizzy fired at him laughing.

“Oh come on girl, that’s just an honest answer, no underlying meaning to it.” He said defending himself.

“Well I think it’s not bad to bear that name, at least he has proven to me that he can be a little trustworthy.” Vivy said supporting him and also giving him a smile to which he understood the meaning behind it.

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The girls raised their hands in surrender before he continued. “So what’s up, what are you ladies doing here?”
“We went for our class meeting, so we are just going back to our hostel. But we are waiting for someone, she’s behind.” Vivy answered.

“Ok so is your evening tied up” he asked directing the question to Vivy.

“No, not at all, am as free as a bird from here.”
“Ok ladies, can I steal her from you people for this evening” he asked turning to the other girls.

“Go ahead, we don’t even need her anymore” Jane replied as they all laughed.

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