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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 12

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

“Ok since you don’t want to answer that, why not tell me what happened yesterday.”
She began to say something but the words stuck to her throat as tears started forming in her eyes. She fought hard to control the tears and achieved a minimum success. She cleared her throa againt and started.

“I got an emergency that a friend of mine was at the medical center, so I had to rush and see her and since nobody was with her, I decided to stay till her roommates came around.” She concluded still staring at her palms.

“Hmmmmm! Try again,” he told her.

By this she know that he didn’t believe her.
“I’m serious” she said.

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“Try harder.”
At this point she couldn’t hold back the tears again as she busted out crying. Val became shocked and didn’t know what to say.
He went and consoled her.

“Oya stop crying, it hasn’t gotten to this,” He consoled her
His words didn’t seem to have an effect as she continued crying He hugged her and was soothing her. But the reason why she is crying remained a misery to him.

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Vivy felt so comfortable in his arms that when he wanted to break the hug she refused and held him tight. All that mattered to her was being in his arms that moment. She tried to apologies but he hushed her.

“Just don’t say anything” he told her.
After a while he broke the hug and went back to the bed. For some minutes they kept staring at each other not saying anything before she broke the silence.

“Am sorry for yesterday, I didn’t mean to keep you waiting,” She apologized.

“It’s ok.” He replied her.
“I tried calling your number but it wasn’t connecting, did you switch your phone off?” She asked.

“No I didn’t, I lost the phone last night when I slipped into a muddy water while leaving your hostel.”
She felt very sorry and felt like crying again. She went closer and hugged him.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for you to go through all that because of me,” she apologized.

“I’m not mad at you anymore, it died away last night.”

They held onto each other in that warm embrace for a while, but as Val tried to break it again, she refused and before he could say a word, they were already entangled in a deep kiss. The kissing intensified as their breathing became very heavy. She was becoming so Hot and wanted more than just the kissing at that moment. She wanted all of him and everything he could offer.

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Val also wanted more, he was eager to have more. He was so high that his groins were hurting. She could feel how hard he was from the bulging on his lower abdomen which he pressed hard to her thigh. Val slipped his hand inside her skirt and caressed her soft laps before he moved for her [email protected] m0an!ng softly from the s£nsat!on that was burning through her, she unbuckled the hook of his belt and was about slipping her hand into his trouser when something struck her.

Immediately she regained herself and withdrew from him. She dragged down her skirt and before he could say anything, she opened the door net and ran off.

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