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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – Episode 11

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Val wouldn’t call that night his best, upon all the troubles he encountered during the day, he was able to sleep peacefully without dreams.

The flash of light in his room woke him up. “Ah! this Mumu Nepa people don bring light”, he murmured to himself. Stretching, he looked at the wall clock and to his greatest suprise it was already 8:45 am. “Chai!!” he exclaimed, “how I take sleep reach like this”. He stretched his hand under his pillow for his phone but couldn’t find anything. “Where this phone don go hide now?”
He stood up and raised his blanket and bed spread but couldn’t find the phone.

“Heeeee!!!”, He shouted, “make em no be say I don lost this phone for inside that water o”. Immediately he wore his trouser and polo and ran off not locking his room. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him till he got to that spot where he slipped into the muddy water the previous day. By this time the water has dried a bit that he didn’t have to dip his hands into the water to search for the phone.

He stood at that point for a while before deciding to leave because people were beginning to stare. As he was walking to his house so many thoughts occupied his mind. “So na like this I take lost my phone because of this girl”, he murmured to himself.

“Mumu shebi I told you not to try and call her at first but you didn’t listen, oya enjoy your predicament” came the second voice again.

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As he got back to his house, he sat on his bed brooding, “what on earth made me call this girl?” He asked.

“Who you dey ask idiot.” The second voice mocked.

“Well thank God say no be my life wey lost, life continues. At least I no go see phone wey I go carry call her again, and before I go get new phone, I go don forget her.”

“Idiot, did you say forget her? You must call her o.” The second voice kept mocking him.

He stood up and went to his wardrobe, picked some few clothes and moved outside to wash them.

Not long after he finished doing his laundry and was resting that he heard a knock on his door.

He listened to know if it’s actually on his door that the knock was coming from. He heard the knock again for the third time. The knock was gentle, not like that of any of his friends
“Who is there?” He asked.

“It’s me” an unfamiliar female voice answered from outside.

He stood from his bed and went to check who the visitor was. Lo and behold to his greatest surprise it was the fair girl and Vivy. He stood transfixed at the door and didn’t know what to say because he wasn’t expecting them.

When he looked at Vivy and saw that she was looking sober, his anger vanished and immediately he asked them in. His room was always tidy so he didn’t have any cause to panic. He made way for them to enter before he closed the net behind him and offered them sits.

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“Please what do I offer you ladies?” He asked them.

“Nothing.” they both chorused.
“You guys are joking abi?” He asked them smiling.

“No we don’t want to take anything,” Vivy replied.

“Hmmmm!!!” He sighed, “if u girls insist,” he submitted.

“So to what do I owe this August visit?” He asked sitting on his bed.

Before Vivy could say anything, Obi spoke up.

“Actually Vivy asked me to escort her to your house, but I should be on my way now” she said and stood up to leave.

“Eeee……. Wait….. Let’s go together” Vivy stammered and stood to leave with her.

“Thought you said you wanted to tell him something?” Obi asked. Pushing her back to the seat, she opened the door net and left.

While all this was happening between them, Val was just watching. As Obi left, Val called from behind and asked her to wait.

“Am sorry for last night,” he apologized.
“Oh forget it, it’s nothing” she replied.
“Thank you” Val smiled to her.
“You are welcome” she replied and turned to leave again but Val asked her to wait. He called Vivy out and asked her to leave with her friend if that’s what she wanted.
She hesitated before going back inside.

Val bade Obi goodbye and entered inside as she left.

He went back to the bed and sat down.

After a couple of minutes of unspoken words, he cleared his throat asking “So to what do I owe this special visit?”
For a while she did not answer, rather she kept staring down at her palms.

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