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Tales of A Campus Guy (18+) – [Episode 1 – 32]

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Tales of A Campus Guy (18+)

Scrolling down through his phone, this particular contact caught his attention.
He paused a bit and had an urge to call the number. With his thumb placed on the green button of his phone, two unseen forces were battling inside of him, the first was the voice telling him to call while the second voice kept on shouting “don’t call”. He stared at the number for a while and decided to scroll down.

Having suppressed the urge of wanting to call the number, the second voice now became more assertive.

” Why do you want to call her? You know nothing will come out of the call rather you will end up feeling bad again”
Just then the first voice crept in “you never can tell, things might not be as it seems, just dial the number, for all you know it might not even connect”.

“Why are you being stupid, thought you have forgotten about her, or were you not being sincere to yourself when u said that?
The second voice came shouting.

“All I know is that there is no harm in trying, at least to confirm things yourself and not based on hear say” the first voice chipped in it’s quiet tone.

“For all I care, what is so special about this girl self, what does she have that others doesn’t have or are you just being unnecessarily stupid. Thought it was a mere crush like others, the second voice was becoming more louder than a speaker and would want to be seen physically.

“You know it’s not just a mere crush no matter how you try to make it look so. You know she is not like others. She is special that’s the final and unclothed truth, first voice whispered.

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“Well if you want to call fine but”…………………… the second voice submitted .
“Yes, just make the call” came the first voice in a more louder tune.

Val stretched his left hand and dragged his phone from under his pillow, scrolled down to the number and pressed the call button. He waited for a while before he pressed the speak out option.

Tuuuuuu! Tuuuuuuu! Came the sound which was a sign that it was connecting. It rang for a while and stopped. He tried again for the second time but the phone was not answered.

He looked at the screen of the phone for a while and just then came the second voice came mocking him.

“Mumu! Shebi I told you not to call her, now see what a fool you have made of yourself.

Don’t you know she might be with her boyfriend and they will be laughing at you now. Sometimes I wonder if you are a human.

Don’t call, don’t call and you insisted on calling, now you have called, shebi you are happy now ‘anuofia’.
“See don’t worry, she might be in class or even sleeping, or maybe she left her phone in her room to get something outside, you never can tell” came the first voice in a calm and comforting tone.

“Mtcheeewww!! Which kind class be that wey she no go fit answer or busy the call. Or if na sleep maybe say she don die for the sleep na em make she no pick am, monkey” the second voice kept cursing.

“Just don’t worry, she will see your missed call and call you back” the first voice comforted.

“If I hear say she no hold that phone for hand when you dey call her, make I hear say she call you back, no be only call you back na to call you front self oloshi” came the second voice laughing this time.

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Feeling very bad and uncomfortable, Val dropped the phone on his bed and was about moving outside when the phone started to ring.

His heart skipped a bit as he turned and rushed back to his bed.

He picked the phone up and to his greatest disappointment it was Uzo that was calling him.

He hesitated a bit before answering the call.
“Guy how far na?” came Uzo’s voice from the other end of the phone.

“I dey,” Val replied feeling annoyed.
“You go class today?” Uzo asked.
“Any class hold?” Uzo continued.

“Which one be that?”
“I don’t know” Val answered now feeling more annoyed.

“This one you dey answer me like this, kilode? Uzo asked.
“Wetin concern you on how I dey sound, Abeg cut this thing before you go kill my battery for me” Val retorted .

“Hmmmmm!! E be like say you don dey mad again” Uzo fired back.
“Eee mak I dey mad, e no concern you, Val replied and dropped the phone.

Val couldn’t help but feel very annoyed.
He disabled his phone by removing the battery and placing them under his pillow. He didn’t know what to think or do. The two voices fighting in his mind have all fled. And to worsen it all, Uzo came with his own trouble. “I don’t know why that guy no dey respect himself”, he murmured. Still thinking of nothing in particular, his eyes became heavy and before he could say “purity” he drifted into another realm, the dream world.

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