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Tales From The City Of Las Gidi – Season 1 – Episode 5

Tales From The City Of Las Gidi

Tales From The City Of Las Gidi

Tales From The City Of Las Gidi – Season 1 – Episode 5


But four days later, Kaffy received a call.
‘This is DPO Okon. Am I onto Kafayat?’ the deep male voice asked over the phone, ‘Yes, who…’ Kaffy replied before being instructed to come with bail money for Mrs. Ifeoma, unfailingly that day, at the Las Gidi Divisional Police Station.

An hour later.

Kaffy informs the officer at the reception of her mission.

The other male officer laughs.
After instructing Kaffy on where to make the bail payment, ‘by the time you finish paying the bail, Oga DPO would have finished with your friend.’ The Officer said.
Kaffy made the payments and returned to the reception, where after bribing the officer, asked ‘what did you mean “finished”?. The officer looked around and whispered to Kaffy.

‘If you know what the family of that man, wanted to do to your friend! But your friend dey lucky, she get big nyash and my DPO like big nyash – she has been servicing him for the last four days…’ the Officer said before immediately stopping, as the DPO and Mrs. Ifeoma emerged from the DPO’s office.
Mrs. Ifeoma looked down, and made her way to the exit.

‘Mrs Kafayat, right?’ the DPO said taking note of the big butt0ckz on the petite woman, ‘I will need your number, for follow up, in case anything comes up in the case.’
Kaffy in her innocence, was about to give the lustful man her contacts, when Mrs. Ifeoma pulled her away ‘there’s nothing again, the case has been settled, let’s go.’.
‘Mogbe!’ the taxi driver uttered, as the vehicle went down a bit, when Mrs. Ifeoma entered, followed by Kaffy.
‘I have nowhere to go to!’ Ifeoma lamented, the news was all over, twenty missed calls from her husband, 10 text messages too, 50 calls from her family and her in-laws, 20 text messages too.
Kaffy read the messages ‘Doesn’t make sense, why are the blasting you for stealing your madam’s jewellery? Did you?’, she asked Ifeoma.

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Ifeoma replied ‘Of course not! Chief’s family are lying!’, ‘then what is the truth?’ Kaffy asked, puzzled, Ifeoma kept quiet. ‘And why did you tell me to lie to your husband, and why did Chief Roberts pay 1 million into my account, for you?’ Kaffy pressed on.

‘That’s because I was spending the Christmas with Chief Roberts.’ Ifeoma said in a low tone, Kaffy looked amused ‘Ifeoma!!!! You want to kill that old man, with your assets, your husband that’s fit and young, can barely fcuk you, na old man go do the do?’ Kaffy said mockingly.
‘Please its okay, I have gone through hell abeg. Do you know what was happening to me, for the past four days?!’ Ifeoma said, purely trying to change the topic.
‘You were paying your bail to the DPO…’ Kaffy said, again mocking the erstwhile Saintly Mrs. Ifeoma.

One Month Later.

‘You wont believe who called me.’ Kaffy said to Ifeoma, ‘Kunle’s father…’ Kaffy said, Ifeoma looked confused, ‘Chief Nelson.’; ‘What is that one looking for?’ Ifeoma wondered out aloud.
‘I don’t know for him, but he says he wants to amend for what he did, he sent me some money for Kunle’s upkeep, be right back, I want to use the loo.’ Kaffy said, leaving her phone and heading to the convenience.

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Ifeoma looked at Kaffy’s phone, picked it up, copied a number and dropped the phone.
A WhatsApp message appeared in Chief Nelson’s phone, ‘You are very thick! Look at those thighs, that ikebe; what’s your name? where are you based? Where are you staying?’ the h—y Chief asked in quick succession.

‘Come to Kaffy’s house, and all your questions will be answered’ was the reply from the unsaved number.
Chief Nelson smiled.
“I would love to come and visit our son, at your place…” was the text message, Kaffy had received from Chief Nelson, an hour later.
“Sure, no problem.” She replied

The clouds were gathering, the rain was coming yet no taxi’s were on the road.
‘Young lady, where are you headed, its about to rain.’ The elderly man asked the thick woman on the road, with two Ghana-must-go bags next to her.
‘The Fashion School at Ikeja, Sir.’ The woman replied.

‘Oh do hop in, let me give you a lift.’ The elderly man said, unlocking the boot while the woman put her bags in there, before unlocking the door for her to enter.
Just as she entered the car, it went down a bit, and the rain started falling.
‘Lucky you!’ the elderly man said with a smile.

‘My name is Chief Roberts, what’s your name pretty lady?’ the elderly man asked.
‘My name is Ekemini, sir.’ The voluptuous woman replied.

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