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Tales From The City Of Las Gidi – Season 1 – Episode 2

Tales From The City Of Las Gidi

Tales From The City Of Las Gidi

Tales From The City Of Las Gidi – Season 1 – Episode 2


Kaffy got into position.

Her hands and knees on the white bed. Her thick thighs parted. Her red honeypot visible to the lustful Chief.

Chief Nelson stared at the condom-covered manhood of his.

Kaffy felt the entry of her lover’s manhood into her moist pleasure canal, she m0aned as she expanded yet again.

But something was off, yet sweet, but off.
Kaffy wound her waist, to feel every part of the male organ fixed deep in her.
‘Chief, are you wearing a condom?’ Kaffy asked

Suddenly he grabs her waists, and begins to violently make love to her, giving her rough thrusts.

‘No Chief, please wear a condom, I don’t want to get pregnant.’ Kaffy begged as her big butt0ckz slammed onto Chief’s body.
‘I don’t want to get pregnant Chief.’ Kaffy pleads, ‘I will marry you, if you get pregnant for me, I mean it!’ Chief Nelson shouts.

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‘Are you serious Chief?!’ Kaffy asks, ‘Yes baby!’ Chief replies now pounding Kaffy furiously.

‘Abeg go very deep, before you pour am, I go give you fine baby boy Chief.’ Kaffy says, stopping all resistance.

Chief Nelson pulls the thick woman’s big bum close to him, and goes for a deep t—-t and empties his thick, voluminous creamy substance all over the walls of her cervix – next door to her fertile eggs.

An hour later.

Kaffy receives an alert from Chief Nelson “500,000 naira.”
‘Let me know when you are ready to meet my parents.’ Kaffy says to her lover, while she sU-Cks his now gentle manhood ‘yeah sure, I will let you know.’

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Kaffy kept on reminding Chief Nelson. Kept on asking. Even as she kept on receiving his semen from his raw male organ.
Kaffy lost the feeling she once had for her husband’s male organ, and became used to the thick male organ of Chief Nelson, apart from the monetary benefits she was getting.
And when Kaffy sent an SOS to her lover, that she was with his child, he replied “Don’t be scared, I will call you soon.”

That was nine months ago.
Kaffy was in labour. Pushing Chief Nelson’s child out of the very same canal that gave him so much pleasure. Abdul stood by as the dutiful husband.

The silence that feel on the room, when Kaffy unwittingly gave voice to her thoughts
‘God will punish you! Chief Nelson!’.

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