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Tales From The City Of Las Gidi – Season 1 – Episode 15

Tales From The City Of Las Gidi

Tales From The City Of Las Gidi

Tales From The City Of Las Gidi – Season 1 – Episode 15

He felt sweet s£nsat!ons, as the woman’s hand, covered with the body-cream, went up and down his thick male organ.
“sU-Ck it.” Chief Benson said, gently moving her face away from the phone she was looking at, while stroking his male organ and to the direction of his thick male organ.
“10,000 Naira.” He said, she looked at him in disgust “20,000 Naira” she countered, he nodded in agreement.

He closed his eyes, as his manhood disappeared into Kafayat’s mouth. Her cold, slippery spit slide down his male organ as she s—-d it as though her life depended on it, using her tongue, she wrapped it around the head.

Chief Benson pulled her away from his spit covered male organ before he came in her mouth, being petite meant she could easily be lifted, even with her plump bum.
“Let’s f.vck.” the h—y man said, pulling his PJ trouser and then his boxers down to the floor. Kafayat laughed a shy laughter as the man’s male organ came into full-view.
“Chief, you should be an actor you know, so you enjoyed that small taste I gave you earlier this night, and you were doing like you were pissed – I was worried that you would sack my husband, and send us back to the village!” Kafayat said, looking straight into her lover’s eyes, he said nothing but gave a smile while laying her on the Italian table in his office.

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He removed her pant and fingered her.
Feeling his male organ harden, he placed it in-between her honey-pot and pushes it in “mogbe” Kafayat m0ans, “that bastard hasn’t slept with me for over a month!” she says softly, “for real” Chief Benson replies in shock, as he continues pushing his manhood into her edifice.

Soon it’s fully in, and then, he begins to pound the honeypot “oh please don’t c-m inside.” She pleads but it’s too late, as he holds her waist and goes for a deep penetration and unloads his thick, creamy liquid in her “f*vck.” He says, realizing his mistake.

“Turn around let me give you some good d—-e-style.” The chief says, she smiles as she presents her plump bum to be pumped.
As her bum bounces off of her lover g—n area, to their mutual lust-filled satisfaction, a figure stands watching “f*vck am coming again!” the chief groans as the c-m remnant comes pouring forth.

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They are both satisfied and tired.
As they both dress up “I won’t sack your husband again.” The Chief says, “No o, please sack him, I will just leave with this puzi.” Kafayat replies rudely.

“I hope we would fvck again.” The chief says, as she leaves “it depends on my mood, my account balance or how strong the konji is doing you.” Kafayat says as she walks away seductively, making sure her plump bum gyrated s£[email protected]

The figure disappears into the darkness, as the woman makes her way to the kitchen door and finally to the door of the Boys Quarter.

Moments later.
Kafayat comes out of the bathroom, while her husband sits on a chair looking at his laptop watching a man and a woman having sex.
“Did you record everything?”
“Yes I did.”
“Oya take Postinor.”
“Ehn I will take, but come and f*vck me, let know which of you is sweeter.”
“Wetin you dey talk, na me sweet pass.” The man says lifting Kafayat and landing her on the bed, and sliding his thick male organ into her still recovering puzi “no come inside me.” Kafayat says replaying a scene from her tryst with her husband’s boss while laughing.

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