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Talent On The Street – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 6]

Talent on the Street

Talent on the Street

Sandra sat before a standing mirror in her bedroom with only towel tied to her chest. She just finished taking her bath, applying make-up. Her mind was thinking about business of the day. She was shocked when Joke called her two days ago that two expatriates have requested for her service.

She liked the business because foreigners do pay better than Nigerians but her fear was that two men were requesting to sleep with her at the same time.

“Joke, you are crazy’’ she told her on phone

‘’This is a good business’’ Joke replied

She thought about cash attached to the service. They are paying one hundred thousand naira for “twosum” . She promised to give it a trial and tonight is the day. Joke is beyond her course mate but her partner in business, although, she is married but her husband lives outside the country.

She didn’t know how she gets clients for her. She had arranged clients for her within and outside Ibadan. She had been to Abuja on same business trip. Her boobs and her curved hips are valuable assets given by God that makes men always want to go down with her; she is irresistible for all men.

Joke will only collect ten percent from her but she always try to give her more than ten percent. She has planned on how to spend the money

. She vowed never to work for the week again if those men paid as agreed. It was getting darker; she had an appointment to meet them by 9:00pm at delightsome club. The club is for big men and women in the city of Ibadan.

Men that have money and willing to spend it ply the club for enjoyment. It is a rendezvous for both foreigners and local men with same appetite for women and alcohol. The time was 8:15pm; she had forty-five minute left to meet those two carnivorous men willing to devour her body while she enjoys the pay.

Delightsome Club is just a thirty minute drive from her house at Agodi Gate to Ring Road. She entered her 2013 Camry car after she put on a push- up bra that showed half of her br*ast, a provocative mini gown that showed her endowed curved hips. When she entered the club, everybody stared at her, she was not surprised by their actions, and she was used to men looking at her lustfully because she is available to anyone that can pay her price.

She put a call through to her unknown clients.

. One man came to the entrance of the club to pick her. She met two white men drinking whisky. After introduction, she knew they worked with Meyer Construction Company. The company is handling construction of Mokola to Molete road. One name is Michael Waywater and the other introduced himself as Victor Rock.

She ordered for a bottle of Campari wine and she brought out a stick of cigarette from her bag. She told herself that “Sandra you must be high for the critical assignment ahead’’. She almost finished the bottle of Campari with five sticks of cigarette gone already. It was around 11:00pm when Michael told her that they should be going to the hotel; they lodged at Premier Hotel Mokola. They enter their own official vehicle while she drove behind them. Immediately they entered the room, she was thinking of taking her bath when Victor grabbed her from back, putting his hand inside her bra. She knew she is in a jungle to dine with hungry lions.

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