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Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 6

Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+)

Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+)

Her legs were opened, Lola caught me staring for a while, and she smiled. I acted like I wasn’t staring at anything and I spun the bottle, and this time it was facing Lola, I asked her ‘Truth or Dare?’ she chose Dare,
without thinking I dared her to kiss Vanessa, I wish I could dare her to kiss me but men, Vanessa might bite me.

She leaned towards Vanessa, few distances to her lips, like she wanted Vanessa to lean towards her too, Vanessa waited for a while. I thought she wasn’t going to do it. Finally she leaned towards her to, and they kissed.

Reluctantly, that was how they started, like they were forced to, they were kissing each other, no face touching, no body touching; only their lips were touching. They kept doing this, they supposed to have stopped now but they continued. Should I stop them or nah? Nah! Let me watch them turn each other on, I loved the view, seeing them kiss was even doing me gheez gheez.

They changed gear, Vanessa started m0an!ng slightly, and Lola started touching her body,
should I just remind them not to forget I was there? No! I let them continue, they went on and on. Vanessa was too high to stop, Lola sef was already in another level. I knew we were getting closer to having threesome.

Finally, the pulled back and stopped, as I was about to spun the bottle again, like – let’s continue playing, Vanessa held my hand and she said “just dare us to do anything and we’d do it”

As I heard this, I lost it, totally. I knew action was about to begin. I dared them to do this, I dared them to do that, the dare that kicked the action was both of them to caress any part of me they love simultaneously, but before this I had already dared them to remove their clothes, I also dared Lola to remove her bra and hang it around my neck, I was in the room with two Unclad hotties.

Lola was the first to move closer to me, the part of me she touched was my lips, Vanessa came too, and reached for my trousers, unloosened my belt… she wasn’t rushing it, she wasn’t in haste, you know she’s been seeing my lady pleaser for a while now.

Lola started kissing me, she was devouring my lips, she pushed me to lie on my back (don’t forget we were on the floor o). My mind was too clouded to understand what was going on, as she was kissing me, Vanessa too was trying to find her ways through my boxers, trying to unleash the dragon.

She finally succeeded, she brought it out and I could hear her giggle, I was still trying to figure out what made her giggle when I started feeling something like tongue on my candy stick. The tongue felt different, my nookie digger felt like that was the first time it’d feel Vanessa’s tongue. (Do you remember me telling you Vanessa gives crazy head in episode 2?)

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I don’t know why it all felt different; but I knew my body couldn’t contain it, Lola devouring my lips, Vanessa was brushing her teeth with my Pour Puppet, I felt like my head was going to explode.

Normally I should be pressing Lola’s oranges, or her massive behind, or putting my F**K you finger in the Pour swallower between her legs.
But I couldn’t, I just couldn’t I held my head like ‘please don’t explode now’.

That was the first time I’d have two tongues doing magical things to me, simultaneously.
Lola was doing the French kiss thingy, Vanessa was tongue twisting on my kondo too.

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With the way Lola was kissing me I knew she’d give better head. How I do get them to switch position? I was thinking about this when my phone rang, nobody had to tell me… I knew it was Mrs. Williams that was calling me, I just knew it.

How do I reach my phone? Mhen, I can’t. Let me just leave the phone, let it ring, let Mrs. Williams hold on. I couldn’t even tell them to hold on for a minute sef. The phone kept ringing; Lola asked me in one erotic
cloud ‘69’ voice “won’t you pick your call?” I acted like I didn’t know my phone was ringing ‘is my phone ringing?’ She smiled faintly, and went back to devouring my lips.

‘I think this floor is not that comfortable for us, why don’t you let’s move to the bed?’ I finally voiced out, the bed would contain the three of us and it looked like a better playing ground. Vanessa was completely lost, she was completely into it, she didn’t want to let go. We all agreed and move to the bed.

I moved to the upper part of the bed, I was in my boxers only (you know all those tight boxers yeah?) the two horngry birds were at the other end of the bed two, I was staring at them, they were both looking pot of gold, I knew we were about to begin the real sin.

They came closer to me, they both stopped where the monster was, Lola was the first to touch, the way she touched it ehn, she touched it like – ‘I’ve heard so much about you’ she caressed it and decided to know how it tastes. While she tasted me, Vanessa too was beside her, she bent like she wanted to doggie, and she was rubbing my chest and looking directly into my eyes.

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This Lola babe was giving me head like she was a demon of head; I was trying to save my lion from her lion’s den but she wouldn’t let me go, she was really tongue twisting on me, licking the tip like it was lollilop (she licked me licked me like a lollipop.) I started m0an!ng.

As Vanessa heard me m0an, she knew Lola was doing a great job, because I hardly do that.
She tapped her like – ‘Excuse me, let me have some too’. She did, Vanessa came in, she knew she had to do extra to make me m0an harder, Vanessa, the Unclad Devil went for my balls straight up, Oh God, I felt like I was going to Pour within few seconds.

I closed my eyes, opened my mouth, when Lola saw my mouth was opened and she decided to make the best use of it, she brought her oranges to it, like – ‘come sU-Ck small’. I started sU-Cking on it, I started squeezing it, and
I started doing my own tongue twisting on her Tips too.

Everything was going well and smooth, when Vanessa stopped and lied on her back, with her legs wide open, she was touching herself, playing with her cl!ts, my finger was already in Lola, and Lola was a tight babe. As I saw
Vanessa, I knew she either wanted head or she wanted me to go in.

‘Baby, why don’t you come sit on my face’
I tapped Vanessa, to let her know I was talking to her. She came and Lola went down on me, again! Vanessa came to sit on my face, I was about to start cower sU-Cking when I heard a very loud knock on the door? I knew Vanessa’s roommates couldn’t knock like that, that it would definitely be a guy.

We waited to hear another knock, the person knocked two times louder, like he was going to break down the door, still we made no sound, was I scared? Hell Bleeping yeah!! I was so
Bleeping scared (or you wouldn’t be if it was you?)

The person kept knocking and finally he talked “Vanessa, I know you’re in there, one of your flat mates told me you are inside, just open the door, please.” ohhh! The guy knows Vanessa, shaperly I asked her ‘who is that?’ She said it was her boyfriend that he has been avoiding her for some days now and he called earlier but she told him she wouldn’t be around.

How did we handle the situation? What later happened? Did he spoil the fun?

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