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Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 4

Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+)

Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+)

**I’m your host for today sneh… they call me badoo sneh, eyan nla sneh, eyan nla nla nla sneh, oloun sneh, ota sneh……**

I’m not about to write the lyrics of Lagos Boys for you, that’s my ringtone. My phone rang louder than it used to, I guess it was cause of the situation I found myself, I was scared to pick up and check who was calling me, I’ve never been that scared to pick up my phone before. Before I picked it up, I prayed to God

‘Lord please save me from tonight’s dilemma, don’t let Mrs. Williams call me till I’m done with Vanessa’

I picked up the phone to see the caller, I was greatly relieved when I saw who was calling me and I cracked a smile. ‘Hello Mum, how are you?’

She must have sensed a mixture of anxiety and relieve in my voice. She said “I’m fine dear, what’s happening, you sound somehow”
What’s really happening? How do I explain the situation I was to my mum?

So I just told her, ‘I have two tests tomorrow,
I’ve been reading one before and I’ve not read the other one at all’ I spoke in parable, the one I’ve been reading before is Vanessa, the one I’ve not read before is Mrs. Williams. You get?

“Why haven’t you read the other one before? What have you been doing with your time? Make sure you start reading the one you’ve not read before and read the other one later” that’s what she advised me to do.

To me, she said see Mrs. Williams tonight and see Vanessa later. We talked about some other things and ended the call.

Mrs. Williams is still yet to call; I’ll just go and see Vanessa jare I’d excuse myself when Mrs. Williams calls.

So I wore my cloth and left for Vanessa’s place. Before getting to her place she called like three times, she wanted to make sure I was really on my way. I noticed something was different in Vanessa that night, she was talking like she was extra horny, she was talking like she has a surprise for me, she was talking like we will do some new things and to Vanessa and I nothing is new… we’ve done it all.

‘Wassup Baby, I’m outside’ normally she’d come outside to take me in, but she said “Baby please I can’t come outside right now… come inside; I’m in my room… waiting for you”. I was wondering why she couldn’t come outside, what’s happening inside?
What’s this girl planning now…? I was a bit tensed.

*knock knock* She didn’t even ask who was there; she came and opened the door. I knew why she couldn’t come outside when I saw her, she was in one of the shirts I gave her, she had no [email protected] on, all she had on was the shirt.

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I was still at the door, staring at her like I’ve never seen her before, I cracked a fat immediately I saw her. She pulled me in and gave me one of those I’ve missed your D hug type of hug, you know those type of hug yeah.
The type of hug that the babe will make sure your clam digger feels her clam. This hug lasted for a long time; it was beginning to feel like I have penetrated already, since she was not wearing anything.

Finally, she let go of me and said “Oh God
I’ve missed you so much, I’d have killed you if you didn’t come, I told you to come hungry,
hope you’ve not eaten”

‘No, I’ve not…’ I wasn’t really flowing; I wasn’t really talking maybe because Mrs.
Williams hasn’t called. She didn’t even seem bothered about that, she was just happy I was there.

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“Do you want me to bring your food now or later?” She was talking to me like a Wife trying to please her husband; she was acting like she’d need me to do her a favor later.

‘You can bring it now, I’m quite hungry sef’. She went to bring the food, it was a sumptuous meal.

She was seated directly opposite me with her legs wide opened while I was eating, I guess she did it on purpose; as I looked her side, the heaven in between her thighs winked at me. I could tell all she was waiting for was for me to finish eating.

“Baby there’s something I want to tell you” Ok, she wants to tell me something, this should explain why she’s been acting like this; this should explain why she really wanted to see me tonight.

‘So what’s it you want to tell me’ she looked at me, smiled and licked her lips, the smile really confused me. What’s happening here? ‘talk joor, what do you want to tell me’

She started by asking if I know one of her friends called Lola, of course I know her. Lola has the shape a man can die for, I’m sure even the Pope would stare twice if he sees her butt0ckz. So tell me how I won’t know that type of babe. I’ve always been wishing to get down with her but I’ve never made the move because of Vanessa. I asked her, ‘wassup with Lola?’

“I was gisting my friends one day like that about our S#xual exploits, I was just gisting them about how naughty we used to be together” so she was gisting her friends about how we used to F**K, it’s alright… I was sha looking at her, waiting for her to land. So she continued…

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“I gisted them about how you gave me my best s*x ever, I was gisting them about how sweet you are, later that day Lola came to ask me if she could have your number, but I didn’t give her” when she said she didn’t give her my number my face changed and I gave her that ‘you don F**K up’ face, I didn’t even know when I asked why she didn’t give her my number.

She said “Because I’m not done with you yet?” hearing that made me look at her like “are you alright? you’re not done with me and you broke up with me” and I even feel we were done with each other. She continued with the gist…

“There’s something you’ve always wanted us to do, but I couldn’t agree to it because I was too jealous and I didn’t want to share you with anybody” I was trying to figure out what she was talking about, what could it be?

‘Why don’t you tell me what that is? I can’t think right now’ I was done eating by this time, so she stood up and came to sit so close beside me, she rested her head on my shoulder, and she started rubbing her hand on my chest, whispering to my ears.

“Baby it’s something you said you’ve never done before and I’ll like you to do it with me first” this is getting interesting, something I’ve never done before?

‘Common Baby, just say it’ I really wanted to know what it was. She decided to tease me a little, “kiss me before I tell you” sheybi it’s just to kiss, immediately I reached for her lips and tenderly I kissed her.

She loved it, few seconds after kissing her, her eyes were still closed…I tapped her likecome back to life jhur, Baby say it jhur. She asked if I like her friend, Lola

“Do you like Lola?”

‘She’s a fine girl with a fine butt0ckz na, so yes I like her’

“Can I call her to join us tonight?”

Join us tonight for what? What are we doing tonight sef? Wait! Wait!! Wait!!! Is she asking me if we could have a threesome? As this question popped in my mind my heart began to produce some Uhuru kind of beat, it will beat slowly for a while then later change gear and beat faster. Is today the day I’ve dreaded all my life? I wanted to be sure it’s what I was thinking so I asked

‘Are you asking me if we could have a threesome tonight?’

What was her reply? Could that be the big plan she had for the night? You’ll get to know in the next Episode!#Bless

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