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Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 23 [Completed]

Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+)

Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+)

I knew I was going to burst soon and I entered her without protection, I didn’t want to burst in her, I also didn’t want her to stop D riding, I was going to burst soon and she doesn’t even care, she was just riding me, when I was so close to bursting I started returning the shots as she was throwing it at me, she must have noticed I was going to Pour soon instead for her to stop, she held me tighter, I knew she wanted me to Pour in her, so peacefully and jejely I poured everything in her, she wanted it.

That should be all yeah? But it wasn’t because we haven’t done almighty doggie yet. We were done but she was still on me, just that no penetration was going on again. She was holding me tight to her, more like she was resting on me. “Do you know I nut in you?” I decided to ask her, it is vital to talk about such things because I don’t want her to call me later and be telling me she has been checking everywhere and can’t see her period, lol
She told me she knows and I said “Okay”, “Are you scared?” she asked me. What will I be scared of, pregnancy? I told her I was not scared, that I just wanted her to know, so she would know what she can do about it.

“I don’t like using condoms” she said, I was still wondering why she said that when she continued talking, “I love having the whole thing in me; you know it has a lot of nutrients in it and it helps in the growth of butt0ckz too.” Oh yeah? How true is that? Does Pour really help butt0ckz get bigger?

We talked about few other things and when we were done talking I was hard again, ready to go for the second time but this time I want doggie abeg, I have waited too long, so how do I kick that off?

Slowly I pushed her aside then I came on her and kissed her. She thought I was going to enter from the front but nah; I tapped her to turn around, as I tapped her to turn around I stood up from the couch so she knows what I had in mind, Lola understood what was going on, so it wasn’t hard getting her in the perfect position for better penetration and sweeter doggie.

Finally, I came in silently from the back because she was still moist, slowly I was penetrating, the kind of sweetness I experienced was heaven kind of sweetness, nothing on earth should be that sweet, my view that moment is doper than Drake’s new album, “Views”.

Niggas, we all do this but maybe not all sha, only the ones that have exploited the goodness of doggie. Sometimes when you are hitting your girl from the back, when you are destroying her bumper from rear position; you make some kind of facial expressions and do some things that she would freak out if sha sees you.

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I have done that so many times, that is probably why doggie is my favorite style. As I was giving Mrs. Williams’ niece from the back, I was just feeling myself; grinding her like yeah one trained X-rated star, even my facial expressions supported my claim.

The wetter it gets, the sweeter it is you know? It was getting sweeter my dear Readers, I couldn’t hold it anymore as I put my two hands in the air like I get yawa with Olopa, like I surrender it all. I wouldn’t surrender till I dab on the honeypot that is why doggie is the sweetest style you can ever think of, you can dab while doing it.

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As I thought of dabbing, I began to hit her with rhythms, I don’t know if you people understand what I am saying, I will try and explain. You know sometimes when you are making love and you are listening to music, there’s a way the music has influence on the way penetration is made.

Since there was no song, songs were playing in my head. None other than Olamide’s “Oya Dab.” “Like Timaya baby I concur” of course I concur, Vanessa is Baddo and Lola is the Baddest. Let me just stop writing about how it all went down with Lola that evening before some of you start calling me X-rated Writer. My Mom might want to read this story someday too, LOL.

Ok, now I got what I want from Lola, we had series of s*x that day. We had in different places, after so many rounds, I was hungry and we went to the kitchen to cook up some food to eat also some good knacks.

All was going well till she started telling me some stories I didn’t want to hear, she was telling me she broke up with her boyfriend and now she is single, she also told me Vanessa told her she was finally loving her cousin, Elliot.

I understood what she was telling me, she wanted us to start dating and she was trying to let me know Vanessa wouldn’t mind if we eventually date. But what do you think?

No abeg, I cannot date Lola, I told Mrs. Williams I am single, it would be bad if I now start dating her niece, but God! Lola is too sweet, thought all I wanted was to doggie and forget her, but I didn’t know it would be that sweet. Now I want more of Lola but I don’t want to date her. Am I about to F**K up? Am I about to mess things up?

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I was just looking at her when she was telling me these things. By that time, we were done eaten and we were just watching TV in the sitting room we had s*x in. I didn’t know what to say to her, I was just doing like I was watching TV but my mind had travelled miles away, there was a lot running through my mind.

As I was still thinking, trying to balance up what was going on in my head, we heard the gate being opened like someone was driving in.

The way Lola looked at me, I knew she was not expecting anyone so who is at the gate? Please readers come, am I not dead like this? Who could be at the gate? Please epp me answer that question please “Epp me!!”
Thank You for reading this episode, I hope I still have some people reading this story or have I lost all my readers because I came late? You people don’t even remember to check for updates again, with everything going on around us. With all the drama and obstacles we face daily, most of us are busy battling heat or looking for how to get fuel. See ehn, sometimes I want to write an episode and the heat will just come and melt all the ideas in my head, I am so sorry readers, light has been bad sef, no fuel join and my Laptop apparently isn’t solar powered. You people should pray for Nigeria, pray for good weather, and pray for my bank account. Don’t forget to pray for UNILAG too o!
I am sure most of y’all heard what is going on with us. It is hard being an Akokite right now, not when our exam starts in a week and they want to sign forms to sell our souls.

See ehn, let me warn you, if after reading story and all you could think of doing is to “copy and paste” without giving due credits God will punish you, LOL. Sorry readers, I had to do it. So till I would be releasing 14th episode, stay blessed and stay out of Drama please, spirit of confusion, spirit of depression, spirit of self-casting that entered Uncle Tunji will not enter you o!! May our lives not crash some people’s marriage o, I didn’t mention anybody’s name o, ehn hn!


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