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Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 21

Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+)

Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+)

It was a very big sitting room, the chairs were so comfortable, I felt like I was sitting in heavens chair, I was so chilled that afternoon, chillaxing and sipping my wine. Lola said she wants to go and change her dress, she was so comfortable there; I could tell the place is just like home to her. When she left I quickly took some selfies and shaperly made some videos on my snapchat (ghiddie is my username on snapchat, add me) as I was chilling and sipping my wine.

I was really enjoying myself, I was enjoying my life. I was chilling in Mrs. Williams’s sitting room, can you guys imagine that? My mind was so much at peace and at that moment everything was going on just smoothly, but as I saw what Lola changed into I knew things were about to go on sweetly.

Lola, the evil babe; she went inside and changed to one hell of a raunchy dress. “Baby, let us go upstairs” she said to me. I was so into her that I forgot I left my drink behind; I was already following her like I was her tail. She reminded me to carry my drink and I went back to carry it.

Upstairs was a better place, the lights there were not bright, it was dim there, upstairs was a good place for some good knacks, maybe it will all be going down ‘upstairs’, maybe. I sat down and she sat beside me, so close to me that our bodies could touch, she asked if I will like to watch television but I told her ‘No’ that I was good, she then asked me “so what do you want to do now?”

Which kind question, what does she mean by what do I want to do now? I wished I could really tell her what I wanted to do, but that will make me too blunt, so I just told her that I was alright.
“In case you need anything just let me know, okay?” she said that and then rested her head on my chest, I was relaxed when I sat down on the couch, it was from her resting her head on my chest that we started making out.

Because of the way I was seating in the couch, it was easy for me to reach for her lips with my lips, after kissing her for some seconds; she decided to question me, “do you know why I like kissing you?” she asked me. I told her I didn’t know that she would have to tell me.

She said “because they are so soft, your lips are my second favorite part of your body”
If my lips are her second favourite part of my body, what then is the first favourite? Don’t you think I need to know? So I asked her, “so what part of my body is your number one favourite?” the way she smiled ehn I already knew what she was going to say, she wouldn’t talk, I guess she was too shy to say it, so instead she point at it, I acted like I didn’t really get what she was talking about so I told her to point closer, as she was trying to point closer I took her hand and brought it on my rod, she saw that it was hard it was ready to ginger her ginger, She said “this is exactly why it is my number one favorite, look how hard it is”. She loves my lips because it is soft; she loves my D because it is hard. That’s ironic yeah?
“Why are you so hard?” she asked me again.

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Why are my so hard? How won’t I be hard with all these unsolved equations going on around us right now? Let me just answer her with a question questioning her question; so I asked her, “why are you so hot?” and she was just looking, all she could do was kiss me some more, this time it was longer and deeper.

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As the kissing was going on my fingering finger was already itching, it was beginning to feel like fingering her, it was itching so bad I had to take the finger to its place of choice so it would stop itching, so I slipped my fingering finger into her honey pot, her honeypot was moist, I used my fingering finger to prepare her honeypot for the invasion of my king that was coming soon to reign in the palace of her sweetness, and this time I want my king to enter from the back, I want doggie!
She still had the raunchy dress she had on, she had loosened my belt and began was fiddling with my Excalibur. It was time for some real action, time to undress, this 2Face and R. Kelly song began to play in my head ‘flex, time to have s*x, flex’
We were still on the couch, wasn’t all that comfortable but it was suitable for what I had in mind. So we began to undress and all, we kissed throughout this process of undressing and when we were done undressing we kissed some more.

Since I was seated in a relaxing manner she decided to come on me after we undressed, Lola and her big butt0ckz decided to come sit on me. Lola is really good, see ehn Lola is just Vanessa 2.0, damn she knows how to work it, the way she was riding me, the way she was grinding me, the way she was getting to work I knew she was better than Vanessa. Vanessa was good but men Lola is better; this babe was grinding me like she was grinding to Rihanna’s hit single “Work”. She was riding me like “work work work work work”
I knew I was going to burst soon and I entered her without protection, I didn’t want to burst in her, I also didn’t want her to stop D riding, I was going to burst soon and she doesn’t even care, she was just riding me, when I was so close to bursting I started returning the shots as she was throwing it at me, she must have noticed I was going to Pour soon instead for her to stop, she held me tighter, I knew she wanted me to Pour in her, so peacefully and jejely I poured everything in her, she wanted it.

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That should be all yeah? But it wasn’t because we haven’t done almighty doggie yet. We were done but she was still on me, just that no penetration was going on again. She was holding me tight to her, more like she was resting on me. “Do you know I nut in you?” I decided to ask her, it is vital to talk about such things because I don’t want her to call me later and be telling me she has been checking everywhere and can’t see her period, lol
She told me she knows and I said “Okay”, “Are you scared?” she asked me. What will I be scared of, pregnancy? I told her I was not scared, that I just wanted her to know, so she would know what she can do about it.

“I don’t like using condoms” she said, I was still wondering why she said that when she continued talking, “I love having the whole thing in me; you know it has a lot of nutrients in it and it helps in the growth of butt0ckz too.” Oh yeah? How true is that? Does Pour really help butt0ckz get bigger?

We talked about few other things and when we were done talking I was hard again, ready to go for the second time but this time I want doggie abeg, I have waited too long, so how do I kick that off?

Slowly I pushed her aside then I came on her and kissed her. She thought I was going to enter from the front but nah; I tapped her to turn around, as I tapped her to turn around I stood up from the couch so she knows what I had in mind, Lola understood what was going on, so it wasn’t hard getting her in the perfect position for better penetration and sweeter doggie.

Finally, I came in silently from the back because she was still moist, slowly I was penetrating, the kind of sweetness I experienced was heaven kind of sweetness, nothing on earth should be that sweet, my view that moment is doper than Drake’s new album, “Views”.

Niggas, we all do this but maybe not all sha, only the ones that have exploited the goodness of doggie. Sometimes when you are hitting your girl from the back, when you are destroying her bumper from rear position; you make some kind of facial expressions and do some things that she would freak out if sha sees you.

I have done that so many times, that is probably why doggie is my favorite style. As I was giving Mrs. Williams’ niece from the back, I was just feeling myself; grinding her like yeah one trained X-rated star, even my facial expressions supported my claim.

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