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Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 16

Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+)

Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+)

story has ended o, you people can come and go. LOL!
Oh wait! Story has not ended; I hope you didn’t fall for that sha? This story can’t end like that na, Come on!!! Nothing has happened yet na? Has anything happened? A lot will still happen, just keep reading.

True true ehn, car jammed me from behind but I didn’t die and nothing happened to me, no injury, I was not even bruised, how did it happen? Were the Angels guarding really on duty at that point in time. Let me tell you what happened.

It was Solomon that was trying to play with me, I am sure you have tried what Solomon tried too when you are driving and you see your friend walking along the street, normally the friend you are trying to play with will either run or be scared or something sha.

But because of what I was thinking, because I was not conscious of what was happening around me I was too lost to realize a car was coming slowly from behind me, Solomon too must have been thinking he will soon run, till his car slightly brushed my leg, it was when the car brushed my leg I shouted like trailer jammed me, I shouted like an old He Goat being castrated, have you witnessed one before? The shout is crazy AF.

“haha weyrey, you don high this early morning?” Solomon said when he saw the drama I just performed. I just looked at him like a Father looking at a bastard son, the kind of look my Dad will probably give me when he knows about all I did in his house when he comes back.

“You dey mad ni? Why you no kuku kill me finish?” I said to him after I took a deep breath and was saw that I was not dying. He didn’t even apologize, in Lagos you know how close friends are by how much they insult, throw abusive words or curse each other, or it’s not just in Lagos?

Because King Solomon was my padi, he didn’t even say sorry or anything like that? He said “why you no kuku die, after you don miss enough fun last night” as he said last night, he added more ginger, more energy. “Guy, walahi you miss gan last night, where you go sef” he asked.

Immediately I heard that last night and with the way he said it, immediately I jumped in his car, and King Solomon ehn, he likes to talk, he is the best guy to hear the gist from actually, he always notices everything happening around him. Yes!! His gbeborun that much.

As I sat down, he wasn’t even interested in knowing where I went to again, he just said “Guess what?!?” Normally I should guess but because the Nigerian blood runs in me I said “what?” instead of him should say what he wants to say he asked me to guess again, with all up in my head I couldn’t guess, I was stumped for words.

After trying to think for a while I said “alaye talk if you want to talk jare, ode”. He looked at me and said “Ode you no fit reason, oya make I help you small, guess who and who bang yesterday?” with the way he said it and all I already knew who he was talking about, you already know too. PrinceEasy and Sandra finally did it, I said “Easy don do Sandra??” I wasn’t all that excited but I said that with a louder voice than I have been talking.

“No be only say e do am sef, Nigga! we got the video!!!” As I heard they got that shii on video I just laughed out like WTF! How managed? That means that is what they went to do when I didn’t see them at the party again. Decided to ask Solomon how the whole thing went down.

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“Solo, are you serious right now, how did you make the video” I told you King Solomon likes to talk na, he was just talking, he gave me the whole gist, how they started from just dancing, to erotic dancing and he already gave PrinceEasy the room to enter before the whole party started, he had his laptop on in the room and kept the webcam running at the background.

“Nigga, people too bang for that room yesterday o, but na them Easy and Sandra crash there”. So they slept in the same room, ehn ehn, “na all night they F**K” I asked Solomon, “baba sheybi na house we dey go like this, I go play you the film” at that moment I couldn’t wait to and see how my Nigga conquered Sandra’s honey pot.

Yoruba Boys, you know how it goes na, when you have been pursuing a girl for a long time, a girl that was supposed to be easy for you now became the hardest, after spending and everything… you know when now have the access to her honey pot, you know how you use to enter the place like Bazooka! How you feel? You know the feeling now, if it is a Conc.

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Yoruba Boy, he will just spoil the place like “I paid for this shi”
Is that what PrinceEasy will do to Sandra?
Sandra collected enough money from Princeeasy before she turned to a church babe, more reason why Easy didn’t stop chasing, he was not going to lose that battle and PrinceEasy’s surname is Balogun (he’s apparently a Yoruba boy), his forefathers were warriors, he was not going to stop till he conquers just like his forefathers.

I really wanted to know how the knack went, I wanted to know if they did doggie or missionary, I told you how s*xy** Sandra is and she has a nice butt0ckz, I was just in anticipation of watching what my guy did to Sandra, and you know when you see your guys win! You know na, The Yoruba Boys clique, the “We Always Win” Team awon eyan DJ Khaled, “Undefeated” awon Eyan Mayweather, I just couldn’t wait to see the tape.

If you see me at that moment you will not recognize me again, me that I was very moody few minutes back you will think nothing on earth can make me look that excited again. But we’ve all been waiting to conquer, I just had to get out of that mood and let go of that situation and celebrate Victory.

We got home, what I saw going on in my sitting room was shocking, Niggas have gone to connect the laptop to my Father’s television via HDMI, they are watching what they recorded earlier, the people on-screen that time I came into the sitting room was not PrinceEasy or someone I know, so I was not interested, I asked where PrinceEasy and Sandra were, and one of my guys, we call him Slim, he said “PrinceEasy and Sandra has left since morning, they left very early sef”.

As I heard they were not around I just pushed it to them to let us take the video to PrinceEasy and Sandra’s part but the one they were watching suddenly became sweeter, the way the girl was m0an!ng like that Spiritual Girl Frank Ocean was with in his sextape, I just had to sit down and watch it all.

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The video long die, I am sure the video stopped because the laptop hibernated when the battery was down. I was spending more time than I should on the video, I have forgotten Mrs. Williams, I have her side patapata I was just watching the videos with my friends, we laughed our asses out, lots happened in that room, you need to see the video (you can check the video out on Youtube LOL).

I don’t know what took Solomon to my room; he just came back shouting “Baba your phone don dey ring since morning o, “Aunty Vic” don call you like 29 times” Hearing Aunty Vic has called me that much my heart wanted to seize, who is Aunty Vic sef? Mrs. Victoria Williams, I have forgotten my phone was not with me sef, I was charging it in my room when I got back this morning, my phone was about to die.

But why will she call me that much, oh F**K me!
I have spent like 2 hours watching this rubbish, as he said that one to me, I was still trying to look at Solomon’s side, and I was watching him bring my phone to me, he wasn’t walking fast enough for me, I got up and went to meet him as I was going Slim called me again, he said “Nigga!! PrinceEasy and Sandra don enter; you have to see the way they entered!”

Everybody in the room was already laughing out loud
My legs were confused, my body sef was confused, why did they laugh that much about how PrinceEasy and Sandra entered the room, why did Mrs. Williams call me that much sef? I just had to go meet Solomon and collect my phone. “But why are you this stupid? Why did you say 29 when it was just 5?” that is what I said when I saw that Mrs. Williams has called 5 times and not like 5 is not much but compared to 29 it is better, not like E is not bad but compared to F, E is better, you get?
I was going back to watch my Nigga in action, when Mrs. Williams called me again.

I picked, “Hello, sorry I missed your call, I was doing shores” She said no problem that she just wanted to tell me the guy that fixes her car is done with it and that she would have to leave soon.

She told me she wants us to talk before I left and when she told me she would be going soon I understood that she was trying to tell me to come back. So I told her that I would be on my way immediately.

I left home immediately; I can go and watch the video later, anytime I want sef, let me attend to matters arising first. There was something about Mrs. Williams’s voice and the silence and calmness from her side when she talked to me, I was nervous about going to see her again.

As I was leaving my house and going to meet Mrs. Williams, I saw my parent’s car coming, almost close to the house, I was sure they would have seen me already, as I remembered the situation of the house, how messed up and F***ed the place is, what they are even doing in the sitting room I fainted!
LOL! I didn’t faint, so what happened after that? Ladies and gentlemen you will know in the next episode!

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