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Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 15

Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+)

Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+)

When we left the house, my plan was to tell them (Vanessa and Lola) Mrs. Williams’s car was for my Aunty that just got back from Kaduna. Thank God Lola talked before I did; it would have been a real mess for me. Imagine I said the car was for my Aunty before Lola talked, Lola will just look at me like “baba why you lying, why you Bleeping lying” y’all know that song na.

“abi I should call her and ask where she is ni?” Lola asked Vanessa, she didn’t wait for Vanessa to reply her when she said again “wo(see) I am too tired jor, let’s just be going”.

Still Vanessa did not say a thing, Vanessa was still forming vexed, me I was thinking in my own mind “so Lola is like a daughter to Mrs. Williams, so Elliot is her son! Mo daran (I’m in trouble)”.

Now, I know Mrs. Williams son, Lola doesn’t know I know Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Williams doesn’t know I Lola and her son, Elliot, Elliot too doesn’t know I know his Mom, Elliot thinks I am Lola’s boyfriend sef, what should I do?

Act like I don’t know? Or tell Mrs. Williams I know her son? Or tell Lola I have kissed her Aunty? Or the next time I see Elliot I should be like “Yo, I kissed your Momma and we slept in the same bed” (He will just kill me, you remember I told you he looks like he spends all day at the gym and me I look like Wiz Khalifa.

Imagine The Rock and Wiz Khalifa in a fight!!
You know at the end of the fight Wiz Khalifa will look like he swallowed one of these Boko Harams bomb, you know don’t you?). So what should I do?

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Should I just keep flowing? Keep acting like I don’t know anything? Acting like I don’t know the connection between Lola, Elliot and Mrs. Williams? The F***ed up thing about this is I don’t know what either Lola or her Aunty wants from me, I don’t know where we are heading. Where are we heading? When I go back to see Mrs. Williams you will know.

So, I called them a cab when we got to the junction and paid for it, I had enough money in my pocket, remember Mrs. Williams aka Lola’s Aunty didn’t collect the change I got when I paid for the room last night.

“Babes, I am very sorry for last night… let me make it up to you” I said while I winked at them, that was after paying for the cab and they were already in the car. Vanessa smiled then ended it with that I am not interested face, I know she was vexing but she knows what I do when I say that let me make it up to you line.

Lola is new to that; she looked at me with enough curiosity.

“When will you both be free? We can finish what we couldn’t finish the other day” guys you remember what we couldn’t finish the other? What Elliot interrupted, won’t you like us to finish it? Vanessa looked at me like she wouldn’t want it, Lola was still looking lost. “You are not serious, Driver let us go jor” Vanessa said to the cabman and as he was about to move she said “If you like don’t call me o, you hear?” and they left.

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As I was going back to my house I was just thinking out loud, my legs were not walking they used to before, the thoughts of what might come out of the relationship between Mrs. Williams, Lola, Vanessa and Elliot wanted to sweep me inside the gutter. I yawned like someone that has sleep deficiency malady, sighed like the most I was the most depressed.

I was just going back to my house thinking about what might befall me if I don’t use my sense to tackle what is before, it will be really bad? Sheybi it will be bad? (Just imagine it, put yourself in my shoe or in Elliot’s shoe anyone that fits you as a guy, and if you are a babe what put yourself in Lola’s shoe, what would you do?)
As I was just going back to my place, deep in my thoughts, lost in my soul, wandering in my body and dead to my environment, a car suddenly came to hit me from behind, the speed wasn’t much but still I died, yes I died.

(Imagine you are watching a Nollywood flick, you know how their accidents are like and that was the kind of accident that killed me, now that the Actor is dead, end of story!)

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