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Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 14

Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+)

Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+)

I stayed up for a while; Mrs. Williams was enjoying her sleep but me I was not able to sleep. You know how it feels now, sleeping is usually impossible in that kind of night, how I managed to sleep and have that funny dream sef I don’t know.

I was just in bed, I was not able to sleep again, I closed my eyes for a long time, sleep didn’t come, and I started counting ceiling. Maybe it was because the light was on, I thought to myself. Silently I rolled out of bed and went to switch off the light and gently I went back to bed.

Still I was not able to sleep, Mrs. Williams was having a wonderful, and she didn’t even shake. I was in bed, thinking about the first night I saw Mrs. Williams, this isn’t how I pictured things would go between Mrs. Williams and I (abi readers is this what you thought was going to happen between Mrs. Williams and I?), where we are going sef I don’t know!

I thought about my house, about the party I left going on, I should really go home early in the morning and know what went down at my place while I was away.

The night went like that with nothing happening between Mrs. Williams and I, just the stupid dream I had and me being sleepless through the night, the only time I was able to have little sleep was around 4:30.

Guys, you remember when Xtracool was cool? When we used to make all night call, some of us still do it sha, when you and your girlfriend or friends talk from 12-4:30; you know how the sleep from 4:30 usually sweetens your body and soul. That was the type of sleep I had that morning.

My plan was to be at my place like 6 or something, but because the sleep was sweet I slept past that. It was around 7’O clock in the morning and I was still sleeping, Mrs. Williams didn’t wake me but she was awake, I woke up when she was trying to get out of bed to use to lavatory.

You know sometimes when you just wake up in the morning you’d feel completely lost, I woke up like “how did I get here”, my mind now played all that had happened between last night and all that happened over the night.

As Mrs. Williams was about getting up from the bed, I greeted her “Good Morning Mrs. Williams, how was your night?” She looked at me and said “oh you are awake, Good
Morning, my night was good. I could tell you slept well too”.

“Yes, I had a lovely night” I said to her as she got up from the bed to visit the lavatory, while she was away I looked at the time it was 7:14A.M, I should go home and know what is happening.

While Mrs. Williams was in the lavatory my phone rang and as I checked who was calling me, it was Vanessa X. Why is she calling this early? I picked up the phone and she started vexing for me over the phone “but why are you like this? You invited us to your party then you disappeared, do you know Lola and I are still at your place? You were supposed to take us back to our place yesterday then you disappeared, please just come now we want to start going, Nonsense Boy” she said and she hung up.

Immediately as Mrs. Williams got out of the lavatory, I told her I need to be home that my presence was needed at home. “I will call Nero to come and fix that car, but before you go can you please help me get a bag in the car? I bought some clothes yesterday, let me see if I can wear one today”. She gave me her keys and said thank you, I left to help her get the bag.

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As I was leaving the room and stepping out of the hotel I was just praying that Adeola should not see me or anybody I know in the street. You remember her car broke down when we were close to my house yeah?

Because I didn’t want anybody to see me, I was very fast about it. I quickly get the bag and went back to the hotel to drop it for her. “Thank You” She said to me when I gave her the bag, “I have called Nero, the guy that fixes my cars and he said he would be here before 8. I should be going when he is done with the car” She also said.

“Alright, let me go home now, so I can be back before he is done with the car” I said to her. Then she said “Alright Dear, keep your phone on please, I will call you if I need anything or something comes up and we need to talk about some things when you come back” I told her my phone was on that she can call me “I’ll be back in few minutes” I said to her then I left for my house.

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Finally, I am going home. As I was going home I was just praying that everything should be place because I don’t want to be in any form of trouble. I was almost getting home when I saw King Solomon driving out of the compound, where is he going?

“Bad guy!! Where you go since na?” He asked when he parked beside me; he was dropping the girls he invited off. I told him we would talk when he comes back, what he said next made me want to cry, he said “Guy, you missed o, the party became litter when you left, the party was all night men, I’m coming back now. Let me drop my babes off, I will give you full gist when I am back”

‘The party was all night?’ I’m dead officially, my neighbours will surely report to my Parents when they come back. He left then I rushed home to see the situation of things, I already imagined my house up and down but when I saw how the house was it was not as bad as I thought it would be, it was just cups everywhere, empty bottle and all those after party dirt.

I saw some guys sleeping in the sitting room, looking totally wasted; I’ve only seen few of them before. Where is PrinceEasy and Sandra sef? Oh, Vanessa and Lola, where are they?

I went to my room to check who was there, getting there I saw Vanessa and Lola. They were both dressed and ready to leave immediately, as both of them saw me they didn’t even smile, they didn’t even say a word, with the way they were looking at me like one F***ed up Nigga.

“Please come and get us a cab, we want to start going” Vanessa said to me, Lola didn’t say anything yet. Vanessa was just doing like she was the only one that can para, and I know why she was doing like that, must have been because we were not able to talk or do whatever she had in mind last night.

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“Babes I am really sorry, my Aunty got back from Kaduna last night and she wanted to stay here before she goes to join my parents at the village, I had to get her to a hotel where she could pass the Night, I told her my Neighbour is throwing a party that it is very noisy at home.”
I forgot Vanessa was there when Mrs. Williams called me at first and I told her Mrs. Williams was my neighbour. She just attacked me again “why are you lying? Which Aunty do you have in Kaduna? But you said the woman the woman that called you last night was your Neighbour, when did your Aunty call you again? Why you Bleeping lying?”

You can never catch me lying, there is always something to say, as she gave it to me hot, I returned it hotter, “I knew what I went through last night just to make sure I stay out of trouble and you are here saying I am lying, na you know sef, I didn’t even blink over the night, I need to get some sleep” I started moving towards my bed like I want to jump in bed.

“Please, please, please… come and put us in cab before you come and sleep, you have sha done your own” Vanessa said, Lola didn’t say a thing, she was just looking like a lost kitten. “Are you guys ready?” I asked them; Vanessa said yes, Lola didn’t say anything.

“Lola wassup with you? Are you ready?” She said she was just tired and that she was ready. So we started to leave. Something happened as we were on our way to get a cab; you remember Mrs. Williams’s car broke down in my street yeah? So my plan was to point to the car as my Aunty’s car that just got back from Kaduna.

But as we were going Lola said “That car looks like my Aunty’s car” which car could she be talking about, I decided to keep quiet until we move closer to the car.

As we got closer to the car and she saw the number on the plate, She said “I said it, this is my Aunty’s car, what is her car doing here early this morning? She must be somewhere around her, maybe I should call her” God has a way of saving his children, it would have been a real mess for me if I had said the car was from my Aunty from Kaduna before she talked.

You know the car Lola was talking about? It was Mrs. Williams’s car; apparently Mrs. Williams is her Aunty. She faced Vanessa and said “Vanessa, you remember my Mum’s sister I told you about that she is very fine, Aunty Vic? This is her car”

Vanessa was trying to remember who she was trying to talk about, as she was trying to remember Lola just said “your Boyfriend’s Mom jhur”

Please readers, if the car belongs to Vanessa’s boyfriend’s Mom, then who is Mrs. William’s son?

Don’t forget Mrs. Williams asked me to come back that we need to talk about something, what is it that we want to talk about? You will know in the next episode!! I hope y’all enjoy this episode, so till I will be releasing the next episode, ENJOY!!!

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