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Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+) – Season 1 – Episode 13

Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+)

Tale Of A Virgin Cougar (18+)

I was scratching my head and looking at the bed like heaven, we all want to go to heaven yeah? but we are not ready to die, I really wanted to be in that bed with her but I wasn’t sure of what was going to happen, I wasn’t sure if I wanted it, I wasn’t sure if she wanted it too. I wasn’t sure if I would able to hold myself if I sleep on the bed with her, konji might just get to the peak and I will jump on her.

I might do something now and she’d start shouting and accusing me of Molest, she might say I took advantage of her because she was drunk, you know women could come up with some drama sometimes and you’d just be thinking ‘how na’, but since she invited me to bed, what could I do?

I got up from the couch and went to the bed. I slept on the edge of the bed, like our body was repelling, I couldn’t move close to her, though at the back of my mind, I have done many things to her body.

“Are you not going to fall off like that? Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, or you feel the bed is too small for us” She said when she saw I was sleeping on the edge, she shifted small. I knew she was trying to tell me to sleep very well, and I did.

I’m used to sleeping with the lights off and the light was on, closing my eyes was very difficult for me, apart from the light that was on, my konji was on too. I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t talking, and I was just in bed with Mrs. Williams beside me, she wasn’t talking too and I could bet she wasn’t sleeping too. What were we both thinking about?

As I was thinking, the thought of playing my Maudlin Playlist which consists of artistes like The Weeknd, Johnny Rain and Jhene Aiko sparked in my mind. I picked up my phone and I started playing songs from the playlist, the first song there is “Earned It” by The Weeknd, you know how the song starts and you know how The Weeknd’s voice is, I heard some girls pee in their pants whenever they hear him sing.

“This song is nice, is this Michael Jackson?”
LOL Michael Jackson ke, The Weeknd music is for girls born in the 90’s not for the ones born in the 70’s so I was not expecting her to know him. “No o, this is not Michael Jackson, it’s The Weeknd” I answered her, she said “I
know it’s the weekend, today is Saturday”
LOL what is Mrs. Williams saying now, well I wasn’t surprised she didn’t know The Weeknd is the name of the artiste most of us didn’t know that was his name when we first heard about him too.

I told her The Weeknd is the name of the artiste “He is a young guy and he sings for girls born in the 90’s that is probably why you don’t know him” I said to her. She talked about how nice The Weeknd voice is, how the song “Earned It” helped her mood, she talked about how the lyrics of the song soothes her, when she heard the ‘imma care for you’ part too she said she needed care.

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After “Earned It” was “Ten” a song by Johnny Rain, I know most of you don’t know the song, you might need to check the song out, a part of the song says ‘I could be the best friend you ever had’. As she heard this song again she was just smiling and she looked happy. “All the songs you’ve been playing seem to be about me, did you make this playlist for me?” She asked me when the third song was playing, Brave by Jhene Aiko.

I told her they are just the songs I love listening to when I want to sleep, she said she likes the kind of song I listen to and she also said they are cool and they soothe her. “I will need you to send me some of these songs later, I will love to listen to them at work and when I am on my own.”

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The songs kept playing, nothing was happening between Mrs. Williams and I, I knew nothing was going to happen again, I can’t make the move if she doesn’t, so I was just wishing she makes the move but as I was wishing I was just there lying down on the bed, pretending I was sleeping.

The next thing I know is Mrs. Williams was shifting closer to me, she was sha shifting like she wanted to have some fun, I wanted my body to repel but the force of attraction was too much on me body as it keeps attracting and moving towards her too.

It wasn’t my fault, you know? Put yourself in my shoe. After much shifting, Mrs. Williams body and mine was touching and she put her hand on my chest, the part where my heart was. I thought to myself, “is something about to happen?” I am sure you the readers are thinking… is this writer about to do this with his Virgin cougar? Are we going to do it? Since we’ve kissed already, we might just finish it…
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She was touching the part where my heart was, like she was trying to know if my heart was beating, like she wanted to know if it was really beating fast, after touching my chest for a while, she shifted closer and took her legs over mine. My body temperature suddenly increased must have been the heat emitting from her hot s*xy** body, the temperature inside of my body suddenly decreased must have been the warmth I felt from her inner soul, the warmth from her broken heart.

She needed my touch, she needed probably more than my touch. Broken heart, broken marriage, maybe she needs something like this to take her away from her sorrowful life. I decided to touch her, where did I touch her?

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I put my hand on her shoulder; I couldn’t even look at her. When my hand touched her, from there I was moving my hand slowly down to her waist, she was already making some sounds, not like she was m0an!ng though, just close to that. I knew from there that she hasn’t been touched (made love to) in a long time; she did like a woman that has not been touched in 10years.

I was following my instinct, since it was my first time of being with a woman old enough to be my Mom, I can’t pull all the stunts I pull on my girls (Vanessa & Lola). I tried to be different and to be matured, no rushing.

We continued and it was getting realer, I didn’t want to rush her but when konji knocks you down you will behave irrationally. I couldn’t go slowly anymore, so I decided to lay on her. As I lay on her, I reached for her lips and we started kissing.

We were kissing and romancing, I was on cloud 69. She was kissing me passionately and all of a sudden, as she was kissing me I thought she was giving me a sign to go further. I did, I wanted to reach for her [email protected], as I was trying to do this she said “No! stop! Don’t!” like that was not enough she also “I have not done this before” she added after telling me to stop.

When you are making out with someone and they said they have not done ‘it’ before, what would you think; you will think they are saying they are Virgin abi, as I heard what she said I thought she was trying to tell me she was a Virgin. The question I asked her was stupid; it was the konji in me that asked that question, not I.

I asked her “are you saying you a Virgin?” She answered and said she was a Virgin. This is getting interesting o, how could a Cougar be a virgin? She even has a son sef, how did she born?

I was so confused; I was just thinking and still wondering how a Cougar could be a virgin.
Readers or you’ve seen a Virgin Cougar before? Have you met a virgin mother? Or Mrs. Williams middle name Mary?

I didn’t understand a thing again, this can’t be real. Something must be happening, but what is happening? Guys, what do you think is happening? Is this a dream?

LOL! It was a dream, I have been dreaming all along, nothing of such happened between Mrs. Williams and I, it was just a dream. I slept off while I was pretending to sleep; you know sometimes you sleep off while pretending to sleep.

As I woke up, I looked at Mrs. Williams, she was sleeping. I couldn’t sleep again immediately I woke up; I was just there in bed with Mrs. Williams, thinking about the silly dream I just had, must have been the silly thoughts on my mind that made me have such a dream.

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