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Tale Of A Believer – Season 2 Episode 8

D whole parsengers begins to pray,tracy was also praying while samuel was not,he knew that he’s a sinner, and God won’t answer his prayer but why must tracy be praying,someone who is attending a nyt party praying like prayer warrior.
After D Prayers, The Preacher Continue His Preaching.
Preacher: A destiny is set to be at STAKE when u leave the purpose of God 4 U, a destiny is a stake when u seems to enjoy earthly tins,brothers n sisters i dnt knw if ur destiny is at stake, i dont knw if u’ve left what God had prepared u to do, ur destiny is said to be at stake when u go about commiting fornication, ur destiny is at sake when u decides to turn against God, i have a frd whom i regard as a gifted poet, she is amazing when it comes to poems. love poems,mostly. I am not a poem person. i am one of these persons that seemed to have gotten a poem by pass-surgery. i just can’t interpret poems, they are always to complex 4 me. but when i read dix ladys poems they just make sense.
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