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Tale Of A Believer – Season 2 Episode 6

mr peter: what do i do
mr james: this is not the tym 4 prayer,u neva knw where he is now, let go to NGIGE 2 find out wat wrong.
mr peter: what, NGIGE,a fetish priest,i can neva try that and over my dead body will i step in2 a fetish place.
mr james: u and diz ur believe,your son is going astray and u are here rolling on the floor, instead of finding a solution.
mr peter: a fetish priest, no that is not the solution, i will pray 2 God.
mr james: (laughs) look at me peter, it is beta u act fast now, lets go see the fetish priest then when u come back u can continue ur prayer and that means if one fail then the other must work.
Mr peter thought abt it, he ran inside wore his cloth and followed mr james, they’ve walked a little distance when peter said: “james i cnt continue, my conscience is judging me, i cnt commit a visible sin, this might be a test 4 me and am failing it.
mr james: so what are u suggesting.
mr peter: i cnt continue dis mission,it against my faith.
He turns bak and headed home.

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