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Tale Of A Believer – Season 2 Episode 5

Sams Fada: Lord i ask 4 a son, not dis,what had gone 2 his head,lord come down and help me,don’t let me die b4 my time,samuel is my only issue, he is a only child, the lord i serve help me, the lord that gave abraham a son, give me a son.
Sams Fada Was Crying Seriously,he Was Rolling On The Floor,shouting,calling on the lord name 2 come to his rescue.
my james: my brother why are u crying and rolling on the floor, did sum1 died.
mr peter: james am finished,my son,my only son is going astray.
mr james: what did he do, isn’t it samuel the pastor.
mr peter: yes it samuel,he is digging his grave,he’s no more a pastor,he’s now a devil, he is a sinner.
mr james: no u must be joking, you don’t mean it, a whole samuel,samuel that i knw,the pastor,the prophet,an evangelist, peter u can’t be serious.
mr peter:I am,he had changed, life in university had changed him, he doesn’t want to hear anytin abt the bible again.
mr james:(put his hand on his head,his toungue popping out) samuel,no sometin is wrong somewer.

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