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Tale Of A Believer – Season 2 Episode 4

tracy: hmmm how do u mean, am in school now and u knw that ur villa is very far from school.
sam: yes i knw that, but that won’t be a problem, i’ll be heading back to school today if only u can help me.
tracy: (laughs) u preached against clubbing,adultery,fornication and now u are commiting all these.
sam: yes i did,but i was blind then,i neva knew there was much fun in the world than in christ.
tracy: thank God u now knw, i’ll be waiting?
Samuel came back home that day, picked up his bag.
my fada: samuel, why are u behaving this way.
samuel: father am tired, i cnt stay here anymore, but one day i’ll be back.
my fada: which day,so do u mean u won’t come home again.
samuel: am not more coming home, so anyday u see me, just manage it that way.
my fada: you are digging ur grave samuel.
samuel: father thanks, i’ll dig it and then die alone.
He Said And Dissapeared, His Fada Just Watch Him,tears went down his cheek.

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