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Tale Of A Believer – Season 2 Episode 3

He Is Now Called “Late”, So Bro Sam Repent And Embrace The Lord 4 He Will Save U Frm Eternal Damnation.
My Mom: Thank U Bro Hope
Bro Hope Sat Down,he Wanted to resume his preaching but sam walked out,he hated hearing the gospel,he was willing to repent after 3yrs,he was still young,more young than the twenty years old boy, he knew everyman has his own fate.
my mom: sam come bak here,if u step out,don’t ever return here again
my fada: sam come here, samuel,samuel,samuel come back here.
samuel wasn’t hearing, he was filled with thoughts,sud he go bak 2 christ or not,should he still enjoy himself.
he went out,got to the junction and entered a bar, he requested 4 two bottles of beer, which he drank fast and requested 4 more twn.
just then his phone rang
sam: hello
tracy: big sam,how are u?
sam: am doing good but feeling lonely.
tracy: (laughs) what do u expect,when u live in a sambisa forest calling it ur villa.
samu: i just knew am in hell,dis is more dan sambisa forest,pls can we go outting?

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