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Tale Of A Believer – Season 2 Episode 15 [Completed]

They continue discussing,mr james n his wife were trying to convince samuels parents so they can seek for solution frm their community chief priest. but samuel parents kept their stand, they were determined to serve God all their lives,they’ve vow not 2 seek 4 blessing or advice frm any other god excep the lord of host jesus christ.
After been discharged,having found not guilty in the crime committed,samuel felt happy,he was in his lodge lying down,thinking and laughing at himself.
it was really a time sam should forget his adventures on the things of the world but he neva thought so.
Dave visited him, they chatted together,
dave: guy,how u doing
samuel: am kul bro,it just that everywer is boring
dave: na u cause am(he said in a pidgin eng)
sam: u knw it nt up to three days i was discharged,so i just decide to take a rest.
dave: look at u,instead of jubilating that u were not sent to jail 4 commiting murder u are here resting.
sam: so wat ur suggestion
dave: let chill,let go 4 a night ride.

Sam: laughs,u and nyt ride,nawa oh
dave: let go
they set off and in the midst of entering a bike a preacher stopped them and begins to preach.
mrs mary took in last three months but neva knew she was pregnant.
she visited a doctor and was told she was 3months pregnant, it was a tin of joy 4 the family.
mr peter n his wife laughed all day,they share jokes together and laugh at any slightest joke.
They Were Just Like A New Wedded Couple.
Mr Peter: My Wife, It Been Long Sam Visited Home,i Traveled 2 His School Last 3months And Was Told They Were On Vacation And Just Last Week I Went There, I Was Told That The School Were On Strike Since A Week Time, Still Yet Samuel Is No Where 2 Be Seen.
Mrs Mary: I Just Hope Hes Safe,may The God We Serve Continue 2 Guide him.
Mr Peter: i PRay So,i Just Wish Hes Here To See This Big Testimony.
Mrs Mary: (laughs) Thats True
Mr Peter: This Child Will Be Named Isaac, Hes A Chosen Son, A Son Of The Lord.
Mrs Mary: Thats True.

Sam: Oh Bro Dan, it been a long time.
bro dan: yea,so why haven’t u been to church 4 the past one year.
dave: hello bro dan
bro dan: dave how u.
dave: am cool and hw is ur ministry going.
bro dan: it well my brother, bro sam i can see u are now going bak, u are draining spiritually,u need to come out frm the mess u are putting urself, u need to re-constuct ur life, u never sags but nw u are sagging,u never fornicates but now u do.
sam: wait bro dan,who told u i do fornicate.
bro dan: am sowi i said that but loreta is now a born again,she confessed her sins and went to the extent to say u even fornicated with her. sam u now party around,club around.
sam: u mean loreta had repented?
bro dan: she accepted christ six months ago and now she’s a real born again, sam repent b4 it late, forsake ur sinful ways 4 nothing good comes from it.
dave: samuel let go, it already 5pm.
samuel: bro dan, i’ll think about it.
The End

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