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Tale Of A Believer – Season 2 Episode 14

Samuel remains in the police custody 4 one month till he was taken to court.
At The court, he was found not guilty and was discharged.
mr peter and mrs mary neva knew their child was taken to court,they neva knew he spent one month in cell.
mr james: it been 4months ur son disappeared,still yet u two have decided to stick to ur vow,how cn ur house be on fire and u are less concerned,who will take over ur hard earned wealth.
mr peter: i believe 1day my son will be bak,even if he does not, i’ll keep on praying but one thing i knw is that the lord will make a way where there seems 2 be no way.
mrs samantha(james wife): i knw ur God is able but u must find a solution dat will give u answer immediately. priest ngige cn help u.
mrs mary: ngige is a fetish priest, i’ll rather die without a son than 2 go seeking frm gods that can not talk.
mr james: why nt try n see 4 urself,ngige is a godsent,a messenger frm the gods 2 give us heavenly answer,mary act fast oh.
mr peter: (laughs) heavenly answers indeed.

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