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Tale Of A Believer – Season 2 Episode 1

Tale Of A Believer

Tale Of A Believer

Sams Father(peter): U Must be stupid,wat do u mean by u had to rest,don’t u knw a believer should always be wise,alert,strong and vigilant.
samuel: dad i knw but u should knw that i came bak home 2 rest due to the stress in school.
my father: eh,eh,eh, now i understand,so u’ve start following bad boys, so u’ve start associating with unbelievers.
samuel: no papa,how can i,you should knw am a youth pastor, a youth with a purpose.
my father: shut up, youth pastor under my foot,now tell me “what purpose do u have,your mates are serving their creator n at the same time going 2 school, while u are here shouting “am a youth pastor”, samuel the devil is stealing you and u are laughing.
samuel: dat its impossible, a whole vibrant youth like me, how can the devil steal me, i . . . . .?
(sams mum interupted)
my mom/mary: shut up u male Dinah,you are a disgrace 2 d church, for five sundays now u haven’t gone 2 church,u are really dieing little by little, for ur information “u had beta amend ur ways b4 it 2 late.

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