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Tale Of A Believer – Season 1 Episode 9

I Watched her as she left, i was able to take a clearer view of her, she was wearing a transparent night gown,she turned back and blew me a kiss and then closed the door.
i was happy with myself that i had won the devil but mainly the OLD NATURE-THE FLESH that i can never subdue to it’s demands.
but a part of my mind called me a fool, telling me i had lost out on a very attractive girl, i was quick to remember how one of my friend clinton had wooed her for four times only for her to refuse him,but what on earth do she see in me that made her think she can seduce such a man of God like me.
i logged into facebook in other to free my mind from thinking of loreta, i started accepting all friend requests in my account.
within a seconds a msg entered my inbox saying “you just missed out on something important, well you still have a chance to have me back,i love you”.
i was surprised to see the msg but never knew who the sender was, i checked the picture and it was from loreta.

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