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Tale Of A Believer – Season 1 Episode 8

I started solving it, i had solved num 1 to 4, but wasn’t able to solve no 5.
she had to bring her laptop, we started searching for the answer, i was lying onw my bed with the laptop, within three minutes she joined me.
we were lying together,searching 4 the answeres together when suddenly she placed her hand on my back.
i had nothing in mind,i was only willing to help, but never knew she had an ulterior move.
she started caressing my back, i held her hand placed it on the bed and continue on my ultimate search for an answer to a more confusing answer of no5.
she started again, this time i had heard enough, i sprang up with a strict voice, i ordered her to leave my room, she looked at me with mixed feelings and smiled, i was getting provoked, how dare she laugh when am angry.
she picked up her laptop and books and left my room but b4 leaving she said something in igbo that kept me wondering all night.
Loreta: Anu Laa Tan, Echi Bu Nta.

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