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Tale Of A Believer – Season 1 Episode 7

I was seriously going back spiritually but i was determined to make amends.
after church i went back to my lodge, as i fell on my bed,my phone rang, it was my MOTHER.
samuel: mom good evening
my mother: my son how you doing
samuel: am cool mom, how is dad?
my mother: he is fine, i hope u are concentrating on your studies.
samuel: yes mom, am doing great physically,spiritually and academically.
mymother: thats good of you
she hung the call
i sat down well, studied my books and immediately it 10pm i pick my bible to study, just then someone opened my door, i had not locked it.
samuel: hy loreta, is there any problem.
loreta: not at all, i only wanted you to help me with my assignment.
samuel: was that why you came into my room at this time of the day.
loreta: is there a problem coming into ur room, at least i can keep you company and we can also study the bible together.
samuel: hmmm, so have a seat, now where’s your assignment.
She Sat On An Empty Chair And Gave Me Her Assignment.
To Be Continued

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