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Tale Of A Believer – Season 1 Episode 6

I was lying on my bed when i had a soft knock on the door, i rose up,check my time, it was 4pm, am suppose to be in church by now, i took my bible, i heard the knock again. i went to the door and opened it, with my bible placed on my chest.
loreta: hey samuel,where are you going?
samuel: am off to church, am already late.
loreta: why now, skip it now, may be some other time.
samuel: no it impossible, i can’t just skip the work of the lord, he is my fortress and salvation.
loreta: am not advicing you not to serve him but why not take rest today.
samuel: we’ll talk some other time, may be when am back from church, but why not attend it with me.
loreta: no i can’t, don’t go near there, we will discuss when you are back. please pray for me oh!!!
she hissed and went away, i ran as my legs could take me and within ten minutes i had arrived at the church.
i sat down and listened to what the preacher was saying, i was suppose to be the one on the pulpit today but i was 1hour-20 minutes late.

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