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Tale Of A Believer – Season 1 Episode 3

Samuel: Mom, trust me, don’t forget am also a pastor,don’t forget i do normally preach to my fellow youths and i will never go contrary to my preaching, i promise to make you proud.
My Father(peter): You are right, i love your spirit,just stand on your vow and i believe you will make it, we will keep praying for you.
i had gotten admission in the university of benin, it was a happy way to end the year and i was very happy,the happiest man on earth.
within a week in the new year i had started school in uniben, my first lecture was intresting,i had come across series of topics we were taught in secondary school. i was on my toes, answering any questions i had experienced or been taught.
After lecture i took my books and bible and left,days turn into week and weeks into months, i was now been recognised by many of our classmates,some wants me to explain to them how the lecturer had got a particular answer, while others want me to explain another on a particular subject.

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