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Tale Of A Believer – Season 1 Episode 2

Samuel is my name,i graduated at the age of 16 and on the same year i headed to the university, i remembered my mother advicing me, my father was telling me how life in university was, though i am a youth pastor in the house of God, a vibrant youth indeed, i had decided to serve God all my life but i was also having the urge to experience life in university. though i never wanted to act out of the bible but i only wanted to see how things are going in a university.
My Mother(Mary): Samuel My Son, You are our only lineage,you’ve graduated from secondary school and now you’re heading to university, please walk on the teachings of the lord, abide on the rules and regulations of your parents, we’ve trained you up in such a way that you’ll be able to stand on your own and proclaim the words of the lord,please my son, don’t let your parents down, don’t let God down and finally silver or gold we have none but we’ll do our best for you.
to be continued

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