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Tale Of A Believer – Season 1 Episode 17 [Completed]

Samuel Decided Not 2 Attend Bible Fellowship Again Through Out His Stay In D Villa.
Am tired of preaching,y must God keep on begging me 2 serve him,am i the only sinner on earth or were i the only believer who fell out of faith.
why nt he let me enjoy life or was it only 2 cari bible that i came 2 dis world 2 do. John The Baptist kept on shouting Jesus Is Coming Soon But Up Till Now He Had Not Come,i could remember during my secondary days when i was in jss3, i was always d preacher during moral instructionz every friday, i always shouting repent,repent jesus is coming soon but till 2day jesus had not come, my mates were enjoying life while i were busy serving God but now am 2 enjoy the world but my church members won’t let me be, even the God I Serve Still Begs Me To Come Bak.
“Samuel,Samuel” My Father Called
Samuel: Sir(i Ran To D Palour) Dad U Called Me.
My Father: Yes I Do, Why Are U Not In Church Today.
Samuel: Dad I Had To Rest, May Be Some Other Time.

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