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Tale Of A Believer – Season 1 Episode 14

David laughs 4 some minutes, samuel was getting impatient but still wanted to knw what the answer will be.
David: samuel wise up,i was once lile u,i had worshipped,preach the gospel and done a lot of things but since then christ had never come, i was getting tired of preaching that jesus christ is coming soon, but one day i decided to enjoy life outside christ a little and it was fun, samuel you are still very young, why not enjoy life first then may be when you get to 25yrs of age, you can then repent.
Samuel: but do you think i will reach 25yrs of age,you knw life is so bad, you can never predict tomorrow,i might start enjoying the world 4 now but do you know what tomorrow may bring.
David: That shows you are a coward,stop thinking about death, the bible also says that “we shall not die young”,moreover the lord will mercy you because of your good days.
Samuel:So what do i do?
David: Get a girlfriend,party around,go clubbing and enjoy life, my bro life is too short to remain single,just tink abt dat.

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