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Tale Of A Believer – Season 1 Episode 10

My Mind Started troubling me again,what did i miss,how important is what i missed,did she want 2 give me money.
i went offline, prayed with my bible.
after praying i slept off.
The nexd day i woke up early as usual,brush my teeth and took my bath.
i was preparing my food when someone entered.
david: samuel what are u doing, it getting late oh.
samuel: wait ooh, i need to eat.
David came inside, he sat on my empty plastic chair while i start devouring my meal.
After eating we went out for lecture, it was pleasant as usual and i was able to solve and provide answeres to the lecturers question.
After Lecture that day, i and david went to the school love garden,we sat down,order for 2 bottles of coke and two biggi galla.
samuel:So Dave, how do you see todays lecture.
David:it went well, i was pleased with the lecturers.
Samuel:That nice
David:How Is Ur Girlfriend
Samuel:I don’t have any girlfriend moreover am a pastor (i corrected him)
David: Luk At U,did i tell u to engage in immoral activities Wit Her.

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