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Syndicate – Season 2 Episode 3

“Perfect, the car will be there in ten minutes.”
Carol heard a click on the other end of the line. This is why she never dealt with men. They were so confusing and ambiguous.
She had begun to re-think her interview, worried that she screwed something up. They had taken a few days to call. Something about Kieran made her nervous. And she was usually so sure of herself too. Carol wasn’t expecting him to be handicapped, and by the looks of it, his handicap was permanent. But she thought she had hid her surprise well, until the delay in correspondence had her second-guessing her reaction.
She went into her bedroom to change her clothes into an outfit that was more bad-ass. She wanted to fit in with the others. As Carol put on her clothes, she noticed her hands shaking. It was from the adrenaline. Her heart rate was also abnormally fast, and she felt herself growing more excited.
And the woman drank this uplike water. She thrived on this shit. Sheneededthis. Even her kickboxing practice was getting more intense from the effects of her career change. This is how Carol saw her life in ten years. She had already made a promise to be completely loyal to Kieran O’Meara if she was employed by him.
When the car arrived, Carol was ready to pee herself. She jumped in the car and arrived at the mansion before another thought could fully pass through her head. Her hands began to sweat.
Will met her outside the front of the house. She noticed he was no longer wearing a sling, but his wrist was still wrapped, and the bruises on his face were very noticeable, obviously still healing. However, she would still consider him to be handsome- if she were into men.
“Carol,” Will greeted her, shaking her hand.
“Hello Will,” she responded. He led her into the house.
“We ran a personal check on you, I hope you don’t mind. But everything checks out to our liking.”
“Good. I don’t mind,” Carol said. Her heart was soaring.
“I also hope you don’t mind, but, we’ll have to start your work right away… as in, right now.”
“I don’t mind at all!” Carol almost pinched herself. This had to be a dream. A lucid, beautiful dream.
“Good.” Will nodded at her. “I don’t have the time to let you in on all the details of this job right now. You’re going to have to trust us. I need your force, but I’ll be asking the questions.”
“We have to question someone we think has information. Like I said, I can’t fill in details right now. But you don’t have to speak. You just have to come with me and use force if necessary. This witness is a nice woman, so don’t do anything unless I command you to.”
“Yes, sir,” Carol said, her excitement growing.
“Okay, let’s get going,” Will said.
“We have a place near here we use to interrogate people. When you prove loyal, you will know the location, but as for now, we have to blindfold you. Sorry,” Will said. Carol nodded. She was getting very eager to prove herself to him.
They went for a short ride. When Carol got out, Will took off the blindfold. Murphy had gone with them. They were standing in front of a small house in the woods. Actually, it was more like a shack, Carol concluded.
Episode 35
When she pulled out gloves with reinforced knuckles, Will smiled. Silently, they entered the house, following Will’s lead. Once in the house, they went immediately down the stairs to an underground lair. There were multiple steel doors, locked by an electrical system that required codes. Will punched the codes into the key pads next to the door. There was also a fingerprint scanner. Access was granted. They walked down a hallway full of doors with no windows. The whole underground system seemed to be steel or concrete. Will stopped at one door and opened it with the code.
Immediately after Will stepped inside, he was hit over the head by a chair. Carol couldn’t see the attacker, but she grabbed the chair from the person’s hands and ripped it away. Then she tackled the person, and realized it was a woman. However, it changed nothing for Carol. She flipped the attacker over onto her stomach, and pulled both arms behind her back.
“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Will said to Carol. Murphy was helping Will to his feet. Carol pushed off the woman to stand up. The woman’s breath was pushed from her body and she groaned. “Mrs. Flannery,” Will said. “We’re not going to hurt you. We just need your cooperation.”
Will picked up the chair and set it down. There was one table with two chairs on either side in the room, and one light, no windows. Will then offered his hand to Mrs. Flannery, who took it. Carol watched cautiously. The woman was slightly plump and slightly graying in her hair. She looked nice enough, but Carol still didn’t trust her.
Mrs. Flannery and Will sat on either side of the table. Murphy came in the room and closed the door. Both Murphy and Carol stood behind Will, watching carefully.
“I’ve been told that you might have some information about Warehouse 7,” Will said to her.
“I don’ know who tol’ you that,” Mrs. Flannery said with an Irish accent. “But I can assure you, I donno nothin’.”
“Well, I can’t be sure you’re telling the truth Mrs. Flannery.”
“I have nothin’ for ya.”
“I think you do,” Will said. Martha was silent. Finally Will turned to Carol. “Pull out her fingernails.” He handed Carol a pair of pliers. Carol was surprised at the command, and looked back up at Will. But he patiently continued to hold out the tool. Carol took it and went over to Martha.
“What? What? No! Please, no!” Mrs. Flannery said, standing up and flipping the chair over. She backed into a wall. Murphy came at her from the other side. Her eyes went wide with fear and her face turned completely white. Murphy grabbed her roughly, though she fought him, kicking and screaming and scratching. Carol grabbed her too, and they easily overpowered her. She went wild with one last effort, screeching like a person does when desperation takes over. Carol was sure her ear drum was going to pop any moment.
Episode 36
“The walls are soundproof Mrs. Flannery,” Will said calmly. She looked wildly at him and screamed again. They wrestled with her for another moment, before Carol roughly grabbed her finger. Martha was making things difficult though, kicking and pulling her hand away as hard as she could. Carol was stronger, so she maintained her grip, but the finger was still moving jerkily around. Finally, Carol managed to put the pliers on her nail. That’s when Martha stopped struggling and completely surrendered.
“Wait, wait!” Martha screamed. Carol hovered with the pliers on her fingernail. “I jus’ overheard something at the docks a week ago or so.” She looked around as if someone else was listening. “I heard someone speakin’ about the warehouse, and the name Mackey O’Conner.”
“What did they say about it?”
“Jus’ that Mackey was in over his head wit some kind o’ deal he had made.”
“With who?”
“They didn’t say.”
“Who was saying this?”
“Some o’ the dock workers. Mackey works at the docks from time to time wit my husband.”
“Their names?” Will said, now leaning forward.
“I don’ know their names, since I couldn’ see their faces. It was around eight at night. I had been trying to find my husband since he was late comin’ home. He gets caught in gamblin’ issues. When I was lookin’ for him, I overheard that. But before I could hear any more, Sean saw me and we went home. His boss had only asked him to work late.” Martha was still eyeing the pliers on her fingernail. Will waved Carol and Murphy away, so they let Martha go. She visibly exhaled.
“Sit down,” Will said, gesturing towards the chair on the other side of the table. Martha picked up the chair and did as she was told. “I’m going to use this information. If it is faulty, we’re not going to come after you again. We’re going to go after your son.” Martha put her hand over her mouth.
“No! Please don’t!”
“Is the information true?”
“Yes, yes I swear that’s what I heard!”
Carol was excited and impressed.
“Okay. But remember what I said. Don’t go to the police, it’ll be useless. Don’t try to run, that will just piss us off. Your husband knows our reach.” Will leaned over the table. “It’s a very, very wide reach.” Carol knew she was going to love this job.
* * *


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