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Syndicate – Season 2 Episode [11 Completed]

“Classic . Beautiful , ” Will said with a smile . Carol saw
admiration in Will ’ s eyes . He was so faithful to Kieran . Carol
promised herself she would rival his faithfulness to Kieran
with her faithfulness to him .
“Orders , sir ?” Carol asked . Will looked at Carol .
“I would like to speak with Kieran .” Will began to shift , and
then he attempted to sit up a little . He cringed in pain . Carol
lunged toward him , and grabbed his arm to assist him
“Will …” Shea began to voice her concern , when a look from
Carol silenced her .
“We ’ ll get him , ” Carol said faithfully to Will , dragging Shea
out of the doorway to follow her . “ We are going to get
Kieran . ” Carol looked resolutely at Shea , who met Carol ’ s
eyes , and blushed. Carol had already turned her head away
from Shea , but she was still surprised .
Either I ’ m delusional, orit was a mistake. She would never
blush at me , Carol thought . Yet there was something about
her expression that stuck in Carol ’ s mind. Seemed almost
like she was flirting .
Passing by the dining room , Carol spotted Lia , who was
never far from Kieran .
“Lia !” Carol whispered loudly . Lia looked over at Carol , and
got up from her seat next to Kieran at the large dining table .
There were members of the ranks (higher – importance
members ) situated around the table as well .
“Hi Carol , ” Lia said with a smile when she got within a few
“Hi , ” Carol said with a smile . “ Will wants to speak with Mr .
O ’ Meara , do you think it will be possible ?”
Lia seemed to consider this for a moment. She tilted her
head as she glanced at her watch.
“I believe he could for a few minutes now , before the
meeting . ” Lia looked back up at Carol . “ I ’ m actually glad I
caught you now , because Kieran has requested that you be
on duty at the meeting . We need to increase security
measures, and Kieran trusts you .”
“Of … of course , ” Carol stuttered . Her eyes almost filled with
tears at the trust these two men showed her . Lia smiled at
Carol and Shea courteously .
“I ’ ll tell Kieran , he will be there in a minute .”
“Thank you , ” Carol said , turning away . Shea followed next to
Carol as she walked back to Will ’ s room at a slower pace .
“Did you hear that?”
“Hear what ?” Shea asked .
“They trust me … they trust me .”
“You seem fairly trustworthy .”
Carol looked over and locked eyes with Shea . Carol began
to avert her eyes to the floor , when Shea pushed Carol up
against the wall of the hallway . Carol was so surprised she
didn ’ t resist . The two women stood there , their bodies
touching , breathing heavily . And then Carol surprised herself
by reaching her head up to Shea , and locking lips. Carol
rolled so that Shea was trapped by the wall , and now Carol
asserted herself, and pushed Shea against the wall , holding
her arms down by her side , and then sliding them above her
head . Carol and Shea stood there for a few minutes, arms
pressed against the wall above their heads, making out.
Carol had never made out with such a beautiful woman
before, and she felt herself quickly get turned on. And then
there were voices .
Episode 59
Carol retreated , and wiped her mouth. Shea laughed , and
used spit and her index finger to wipe lipstick from the
sides of Carol ’ s lips. They both stood , attentive.
Kieran was being pushed by Lia down the hallway . Carol
went over to Will ’ s room , and opened the door.
“Sir , Mr . O ’ Meara is here , ” Carol said softly inside . Will was
still sitting up , and he nodded at her , a smile creeping onto
his lips .
Carol waited patiently for the business between the two
men to finish . The others had certainly begun to arrive for
the important meeting . But Carol reasoned that it was better
to wait for Kieran . This way, she got to hang around Shea
for a little longer . She was going to be posted with Will for
most of her time .
Carol and Shea wasted no time either . The door was barely
closed behind Kieran and Lia before Shea pushed Carol into
a wall and their lips were surging together again . The sexual
chemistry flooded the air. They kissed as a long and as
passionately as possible .
This kissing , Carol decided later , was one of the only things
keeping her sane and alive as she guarded the room . The
increased security made people paranoid, on edge . One of
the Commander ’ s assistants left the room and re- entered
about fifteen times to “use the bathroom .” He would smile
at them nervously before he sprinted to wherever he was
going . Carol was fairly convinced that he just kept leaving
the room to make certain he could leave . This man had
serious anxiety problems .
But not only was she monitoring the movement of these
people in and out of the room , she was also being asked to
do heightened security details . And a large number of the
people currently positioned at the house were highly
uncomfortable , so Carol was getting security requests – it
seemed, from each one of them . She did three different
security sweeps of the room before Diesel and Kieran were
even allowed to enter .
Carol was working with two other men , and by ten pm , all
three of them were completely exhausted . So , Carol began
to daydream about Shea and their make – out session
whenever she had a spare moment. Carol and one other
man were stationed at the door of the room , while the other
member on security detail was positioned inside the room .
They all rotated .
When Carol was in the room , she wanted to jump out a
window . It was so d–n boring. The politics of it all was so
excruciating . Carol concluded that Will , Kieran and Nolan
existed for this specific reason . They were all too good at
the politics . They had always had Carol ’ s respect for that at
least .
“We need to make preparations for the war , and our
suppliers are too sketched out right now to give us a larger
stock , ” Brennan said miserably . Carol was always up to
speed about the Commanders , and their personal dramas .
She was one of Will ’ s favorite after all. And Will loved to
b—h about the Commanders .
Final Episode
“Why are sellers too scared now ?” Diesel asked with a slight
frown . Carol wanted to laugh . She picked at the dirt under
her fingernails, losing all interest .
“Because Riley can ’ t do his job , ” Brennan said quickly .
“You know that isn ’ t true!” Madden protested . Carol
chuckled to herself as she watched Riley roll his eyes and
pick at a crack in the table . Similarly , Kieran rubbed his face
in defeat .
The room exploded into arguments all at once . While the
arguments continued, Carol got switched out by one of her
partners, Denny .
“Kill me now , ” Denny whined to Carol . She flashed him a
huge smile , finally getting to leave the room .
“Sorry dearest , ” Carol responded happily . Denny flipped her
off . Carol continued smiling though as she left the room .
So here she was . At around eleven thirty , Lia came out into
the hall . She folded her arms unhappily , and looked into the
room through the small window in the door . She sighed very
loudly .
“Something wrong miss ?” Carol asked innocently .
“Yeah , it’ s eleven thirty and they ’ re still going at it , ” Lia
responded . “ There are so many idiots in that room . It ’ s hard
not to get irritated with the ignorance . ” Silence filled the
hallways for a minute or two before she added , “And Kieran
is getting really tired . I can tell .”
Even though Carol had never cared for a man , she could
even tell that Lia cared deeply for Kieran . He was very
important to her . And Carol could also tell she meant a lot
to Kieran , by the way he looked at her . Carol was better at
telling these things since she was always objectively viewing
straight peoples’ interactions . Kieran had a particular
softness to his gaze when he looked at her .
“What should we do ?” Carol asked Lia , willing to take orders
from her to protect their boss . Lia was silent , gazing in at
the activities in the room . Carol waited patiently . She
couldn ’ t even pretend to know Kieran as well as Lia did . Lia
finally turned to Carol .
“Here ’ s what we do , ” Lia said . Carol suddenly knew why
Kieran liked Lia so much . When she looked into Carol ’ s
eyes , talking about her plan , she had a mischievous look in
her eye , an almost playful look. And when she looked at
Carol , it was as a friend , not just a fellow employee . Carol
became instantly fonder of Lia . “ Okay , I ’ m going to threaten
Kieran . When I go talk to Kieran , we will both look at you at
one point , and you ’ ll wave at us. It has to work. ”
Though Lia didn ’ t tell Carol her plan exactly , she looked so
intent and so deep in thought that Carol didn ’ t bother to
ask . Lia looked at Carol for confirmation . Carol nodded in
response .
“Okay , ” Lia said , and entered the room with new resolve .
But before she could reach Kieran , the world shifted .
Carol felt herself flying through the air , rubble and debris
flying with her . She protected her head , and when she hit
the ground , she miraculously stayed conscious . She always
did prove to be tough . The ringing in her head though , was
terrible . Her ears rang loudly , and she could hear nothing
else. Crawling to her feet, she saw that one wall of the room
inside had been blasted through , and the people in the
room were thrown against the other wall . Everything in the
room and the hallway was blackened and singed. The door
to the room had been destroyed, and now a gaping hole
was left in its place . It was another hit attempt! Carol ’ s mind
snapped into focus , and she pushed her aching body
upwards to retrieve her boss .
Carol picked her was through the rubble quickly , to find
Kieran . She saw a wheelchair , empty , broken almost in half ,
with one wheel dented and twisted . Frantically , Carol
searched the room with her eyes , now concerned by the
blood stains on the carpet .
When she saw him , she was able to inhale again . She didn ’ t
even know she had been holding her breath . Carol fought
her way over to Kieran , who was moving slowly, lying on his
side . Carol raced over to him , just as others were finding
him too . Carol knelt down in front of him , grabbing his good
arm and helping him to a sitting position. He looked straight
into Carol ’ s eyes and she saw something in them she had
never ever seen before: fear.
“ Please , ” he begged . “ Please find Lia . Tell me she ’ s
okay. ” Carol stayed still for a few moments, mouth agape,
looking like a statue. “Please ! Find her !” As Kieran stressed
this , he grabbed Carol ’ s arm, and squeezed it . Carol
nodded , and forced herself to snap out of it . As she stood ,
looking around for Lia , she couldn ’ t get the image of
Kieran ’ s desperation out of her head . And then she knew.
He loved her .

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