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Syndicate – Season 1 Episode 6

Monica looked at the door, and back to the man, who had already gone. She opened a small gold pocket mirror and fixed her lipstick. It was a deep shade of purple today. Monica snapped the mirror closed and tucked it in her pocket. She eyed the crest again, and reached up to touch it when the door opened. Her hand dropped. There were five men in the room. Four were on one side of the huge dark-stained cherry desk. One was behind it. He had black hair and tan skin. He wore a ring on each finger. Monica smiled at him.
“Andre…” she said.
“Monica,” he addressed her. “Get out,” he said to the four men in his office. They all left obediently. “What can I do you for?”
Monica licked her dark lips and strode around the room, brushing her fingers along the shelves and lamps.
“I want to discuss the certain…expirationof a powerful man.”
Andre raised his eyebrows.
“Who is the object ofyour intentions?”
Monica felt the air in the room get thicker. She knew what would happen if she said his name. She still had a choice. Maybe she could make someone up, or tell him that she would come back later. But she had already come this far. If she didn’t take risks, she would never get revenge on the cruel couple that crippled her life. So she braced herself.
“Kieran O’Meara.”
The shock openly registered on Andre’s face. His mouth fell slightly ajar and his face fell. After a few moments of stunned silence, Monica felt the repercussions register in Andre’s mind.
“Monica! You must never, never say that again. Do you have any idea-“ Andre stopped talking and pushed himself to his feet, hurrying over to close the blinds in the room and lock the door.
“Do you have any idea how much risk you are putting yourself at right now?”
“You’re insane.”
“No. I’m looking for someone to help me get revenge. Someone to rocket me straight to the top. I would bring thatsomeonewith me.” She winked at Andre. He pushed his thin, purple tinted sunglasses up his nose.
“Do you know who Ripper is?” Andre asked her. Monica rolled her eyes.
“Here we go…”
“Even if you were to succeed in killing Kier- your target, you would have to try and evade him. You would have to be on the run until he finally gets you. And he always gets his target.”
“You’re useless.”
“I’m sane.”
“Fine. But don’t think you will gain my good graces once I take Kieran’s place,” she said, turning to leave.
“Monica. I like you. And because I like you, I am not going to tell anyone about this lapse in your judgment. I am going to hope that you will come to your senses soon.”
Monica started towards the door.
“But don’t think others will give you the same courtesy.” Andre warned.
Monica pulled sunglasses out of her pocket and put them on.
“Every man dies eventually. Change your mind, you know where to find me.”
* * *
Lia didn’t know if her chat with Kieran had changed anything. She assumed that her life would continue in the same fashion as always. So, she was genuinely surprised when she got a call on her home phone around seven in the morning. Her little siblings were already awake and running around to get ready for school. Her mom barged into the small room she shared with the dog.
“Phone,” her mom said, throwing it on her bed.
“Hello?” Lia said, rubbing the effects of sleep from her eyes.
“Lia, it’s Tyler. Your presence is requested here. Immediately.”
A click sounded on the line. That was brief. She could barely register his words. Tyler was one of the daytime employees for Kieran O’Meara.What?She frowned to herself. But…she had to attend class. Lia crawled to her feet. She couldn’t lose her job. Perhaps one day of missed classes wouldn’t be too bad.
She arrived at the house half an hour later, and went directly to Kieran’s room. She arrived in time to see Will storm out through the doors and down the hallway. There were men guarding the door. She approached timidly.
“I was requested to come here immediately. My name’s Lia,” she said. They nodded at her and stepped aside. One of them opened the door for her. She nodded thanks at him and entered.
Kieran was in his bed, looking slightly pale. When he saw her, he gave her one of his rare smiles. It ignited fireworks in her stomach.
“Lia,” he addressed her.
Episode 15
“Sir.” She nodded at him.
“I’m sorry to ask you here so early.”
“It is not a problem, other than my classes, sir.”
Kieran’s smile faded.
“Your classes… I apologize. I did not realize you were in school.”
“No need to apologize sir.” It room became silent. Lia looked up bashfully into Kieran’s beautiful, clear eyes. “Is there something, I can do for you?” she asked.
“I just wanted to start your shifts earlier, but you should attend class.” He nodded at her. “That’s all. I’ll see you tonight.”
Something inside Lia stirred. She was paid almost twenty dollars an hour to work for him. It was very good work. She would hate to lose this job. And she also wouldn’t mind working full time for him like he wanted. But her desire to teach kids was strong.
Lia turned to go, but stopped. She had already accepted missing a day of classes. A weird desire to stay with him gnawed at her. She turned again.
“I already told my professors I wouldn’t be attending class today.” She paused, almost afraid to ask him to grant her yearning. “Would it be alright if I stayed the day?”
Kieran’s eyes met hers.
“Yes.” He paused. “I’m not feeling well today. Can you stay with me?”
“Yes sir!” Lia smiled happily, then felt like a fool and wiped the smile off her face. “What can I get for you?”
“Water. And some toast.”
“Sir,” she said with a nod, and left the room. Her feet felt light as she entered the kitchen. A whole day with Kieran made her heart flutter like a butterfly’s wings. The reason for her joy; however, evaded her. It was probably due to her desire to spend more time with him. He was an interesting person, and she had always wanted to know more about him. Her excitement was probably due to an opportunity to learn about him.
When she returned to the room, another man was there. He was sitting in a chair a few feet from Kieran’s bed. He was dressed plainly, but he was fairly handsome. Lia noticed a shiny silver ring on his ring finger. The man glanced at Lia briefly, but kept talking.
“…come on Kieran. You know this town better than the men that made it. Give mesomething.Anything.”
“The men that made this town were fools. There are others who know it better as well. Why not go to them?” Kieran asked as he accepted the water and toast from Lia.
“You know the answer to that.”
“Are you sure you don’t want anything to drink or eat?”
“I’m positive, thank you. I just want a name.”
“Any name?” Kieran said with a tiny smile.
“Any name that can lead me somewhere.”
“Alright. But I will demand reciprocation. You willing to comply?”
“I was expecting as much.”
“Is that a yes then?”
The man nodded his head. It took Lia a few moments, but she realized this man was a cop. The half-hidden badge clipped to his belt told her as much. She had given no thought to the idea, but it made some sort of weird sense.
“Okay,” Kieran said. “Tell me again.”
“Serial rapist. North side. Chokes his victims until they pass out. Then he ties them up and goes to town.”
“Not a killer?”
Kieran was silent for a few minutes, resting his head on the headboard of his giant bed.
“Talk to Jimmy Walters. Don’t tell him who sent you. Make something up. He knows what happens up there. Threaten him to lock him away for conspiracy to murder if he doesn’t talk. Mention nothing else.” Kieran looked at Lia now. “Lia, go ask Joe to bring me my medication.”
“Sir,” Lia responded, leaving the room again. Joe was the only one trusted with Kieran’s medication. He was a large black man that worked for Kieran since the accident.
Episode 16
She came back with Joe behind her, Kieran’s pills in hand. Joe gave Kieran the meds, and Kieran dismissed Joe with a wave of his hand. Lia stood in the corner again.
“…A note?” Kieran asked.
“The words were cut from a magazine. No handwriting. No leads.”
“You know that warehouse is mine, Pete. Why did you investigate?”
“Captain saw the note. We can’t just blatantly ignore the law Kieran.”
Kieran laughed in response. “I’ve seen you do it before.”
Pete rolled his eyes. ”We can’t investigate a source of information that thoroughly. Whoever wrote it, wants to remain anonymous. We have to spend more time investigating the source of the drugs. If we don’t, it looks suspicious.”
“It issuspicious.” Kieran smiled with half of his mouth. “Makes it look like you’re consorting with drug lords and bad men that engage in illegal activity.”
“Thanks for the warning there, chief,” Pete sighed. “I’m already up to my neck in this shit.”
“Look at the bright side. You’re going to catch a serial rapist if you play your cards right. You’ll be a hero.”
“No I won’t. This just evens out all the bad activity I do.”
“Yeah. But theydon’t know about all that.”
“Well,” Pete said, standing up. “It’s been a joy as always. But I have to get back to fighting crime.”
“And engaging in it.”
“Shut up you bastard,” Pete said with a laugh. Kieran winked at him.
“Remember my instructions.”
“I will.” Pete stopped at the door and turned back. “Oh, and, sorry about your warehouse.”
Kieran shrugged in response, and then replied, “you win some, you lose some.”
Lia pretended that she heard none of it. Kieran ate his toast and swallowed his medication. He watched the muted television mounted on the wall in front of his bed. Eventually, he leaned his head back again, and looked over at Lia.
“If I even see brandy again, I’m going to throw up. I have the worst f—–g headache,” Kieran said, pressing his hand to his forehead.
“Can I get you something to make it better?” Lia asked softly.
“Yeah. Advil, Ibuprofen… something. I have some in the mirror cabinet in my bathroom.”
Lia went into his bathroom. The last time she was in that particular room was last night, when she was helping Kieran sober up. But she hadn’t had time to notice the grandeur. It was completely made of marble with skylights overhead. The tub was huge, and everything had been remodeled so that it was handicap friendly. Everything was lower to accommodate Kieran. The sink was as high as Lia’s waist. There were mirrored cabinets over the sink. She began to open them. A gun was attached to the inside of one. She shut it immediately, trying to calm her racing heart. Lia had never seen a gun so close. She finally found the painkillers, and brought the bottle out to Kieran. He took two pills as soon as she handed the bottle to him. Lia grabbed his empty plate and butter knife to take to the kitchen. Kieran grabbed her arm, and nodded towards the nightstand beside his bed.
“Leave them for now,” he commanded. She did. “Sit down.”
She sat in the seat Pete had been formerly sitting in. Kieran watched the T.V. for a bit longer, than looked to Lia again.
“Press play on the stereo,” he said. Lia got up and obeyed. A woman’s voice filled the room. It was soothing. “This was my mother when she was in college.” Kieran and Lia made eye contact for a moment. Then Kieran leaned back into the headboard, and his eyes closed. A few minutes later, his head fell to one side. He was napping.

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