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S*x Slave 🔞 – Season 1 – Episode 8

💕Princess’s POV💕

As Eddie started singing that song, I felt tears gather up in my eyes. My mother and father used to sing that song when we were together.

I remembered my parents and I couldn’t help but cry, I pulled down the cotten and locked the window when I saw him look at me.

I don’t want him to see me like this, not in the state. I can’t tell him anything if not I am going to endanger him, my uncle will trace him to the ends of Earth if he gets to find out.

I moved to my bed and sat on it weeping silently. “Princess, am sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you” Eddie said from outside my window.

“Its okay, I just need some time to myself” I said admist tears. I waited to hear him talk but he didn’t. I sighed and laid down on my bed.

I stared at the ceiling, looking at the light bulb on it, I stared into the white light remembering the good times I had with my parents. All the good things they did for Uncle Joe.

Why does he treat me like this?? Why does he hate me this much?? I thought as tears rolled down my eyes.

I was still weeping when I heard the door open. “Oh no, its evening. Uncle Joe is back” I thought in fear. I quickly sat up and then he came in.

“Hey, little princess” he said grinning stupidly. I looked at him in tears and he staggered closer to where I was.

“Can’t you greet???” He asked and slapped me hard. I crushed to the floor holding my cheek in pain.

“Am sorry” I mumbled in tears.

“Good!” He said and moved to the window opening it and rolling the cotten up.

“Can’t you see this place is stuffy!!!! Do you want to kill yourself??!” He yelled in anger.

“Please don’t raise up the cotten” I said remembering Eddie and Ryan, they may be watching abf then my uncle may mark their faces.

“So you are telling me what to do now?? Such guts!” He yelled and removed his belt.

He came close to me and dragged me to the window making me face Eddie’s window. “He isn’t there” I thought in relieve.

“Why are you telling me not to raise the cotten hun!!!!” He asked as he raised up my gown roughly and hit me with the belt.

I groaned in pain trying not to make any sound. I can’t let Ryan nir Eddie see me like this, no..

He went ahead and drew down my panties and u heard him loose his trouser, I shut my eyes tightly expecting the worse.

As expected, he reached for my hands and tied them with a cloth behind my back, he also tied my mouth like he always did.

He reached for my b**ba and pressed them hard. I groaned in pain as tears filled my eyes again, he moved his d**k to my still hurting a**hole and pushed in his d**k with great force.

“Hmmmmmmmmm!!!!” I groaned in great pain, I felt like I was going to die soon. I closed my eyes trying to endure the pain but I couldn’t.

I opened my eyes and looked into Eddie’s room to see him staring at me in shock.

💝Eddie’s POV💝

I went down the stairs to ask Ryan if princess has told him anything about herself and he said “no”.

I explained to him what happened when I sang to her and he couldn’t tell me what was really going on.

” She seems to be going through tough times. She doesn’t go to college nor come out of that room” Ryan said looking sadly while he chewed his snacks.

“Did she tell you why???” I asked worriedly.

“She didn’t, why don’t you try talking to her as an adult. She may tell you things she can’t tell me because I am still very young” he said smiling.

“True! Thank you Ryan” I said and rushed back to my room. I need to talk to her.

I got to my room and was about calling her when I saw her with her eyes shut facing my room. My eyes widen as I saw a man much older than her by looks f**king her.

I stood there shocked, I couldn’t move nor talk. She opened her eyes and looked at me, I saw tears in her eyes. She looked at me and wept the more.

I looked at the man still in that shock and I saw how he used her without mercy, he kept banging her till he stopped and turned her to him.

I saw him slap her and I wanted to move to the window but I saw her hands waving to me not to. The man left the room, and I ran to the window.

She sat on the floor and started weeping. I felt anger raise in me, “Who the hell is that bastard!!!” I asked within gritted teeth.

“Eddie I don’t think you should involve yourself in this, you will pit yourself in danger” she said admist tears.

“What do you mean Princess!! That man just molested you and you expect me to see that and kept quite!!!” I yelled in fury.

“Enough!!!!! Enough!!! I have heard enough Eddie. You don’t know this man he is dangerous, if you try to do anything he would kill you!!!!! Am sorry you saw that but please don’t try to do anything!!!” She yelled in tears and pulled down the cotten.

“What the f**k is all this!!” I yelled and I heard her sob from inside her room.

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