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S*x Slave 🔞 – Season 1 – Episode 6

💖Ryan’s POV💖

I was so happy to see Princess my new friend. He is so beautiful but she looks very pale, and she is always indoors.

“Why are you always indoors??” I asked sadly.

” Ryan” she said sticking out her head from her window

“I want to play with you, see your full body not just your face, I want to touch you” I said like the baby I am.

“Hmmm hold on” she said and took her head back into the room.

“What is she trying to do?? ” I mumbled.

She raised up the cotten and I could see the room clearly, it was a little bit big and had some little decorations on it. She smiled at me, then carried a stool and placed it at the center of the room.

She stood on it and I could see her full body, she looked so beautiful and a very nice body shape, it was obvious in the short gown she wore.

I smiled widely looking at her and she did the same.

“Now, you have seen me” she said and got down from the stool moving back to the window.

I nodded and smiled, she stretched her hands out of the window leaning her body on it, her hands were closer to my widow.

“Take my hands” she said and immediately I stretched mt hands to her and held her.

I smiled immediately I touched her, she had real soft hands, they were like a baby’s own.

“Your hands her very soft and beautiful” I said examining her hands.

“Thank you Ryan” she replied blushing.

“Ryan!!!!, breakfast is ready!!!” My mama yelled from down the stairs.

“Am coming mama” I yelled back.

“You go eat Ryan” she said and released my hand.

“Will you care for some of my food?? I mean as a friend” I said hoping she would say yes.

“Yes Ryan” she said smiling happily.

“Ye!!!!” I shouted and ran downstairs to mama.

💝Princess’s POV💝

As he left the room, I felt lonely immediately. I really wish I could go out and okay with him under the sunlight, but this will endanger him and I can’t put the small boy in danger.

I have to keep my mouth shut, Uncle Joe mustn’t here that I even have a friend in the neighborhood.

Ryan rushed into the room while I was still thinking. He was carrying a plate full of rice and the other was filled with stew and meat.

I widened my eyes looking at his hands, where did he get so much food??

“That look at me like that, I told mama I want to eat more today” he said and placed the food on the window.

“Ohhh!!!” He said hitting his head.

“What is it Ryan??” I asked anxiously.

“Spoon and plate!!!” He yelled and ran out of the room again.

I giggled and looked at the food, I haven’t eaten this kind of food for 2 years.

“Now it’s complete” Ryan said entering the room. He moved closer to the window and stretched out the spoon to me.

I stretched my hands to collect it. “Thank you” I said smiling.

He took his spoon and used it to pour some rice into the other plate he brought in, he poured some stew on it and two big meats.

“Ryan this is too much, it remains little for you” I said sadly.

“I don’t eat much, this will be more than enough for me” he said and stretched the food in the plate forward.

I smiled and received it, the aroma was mouth watering.

“Eat up” he said and started digging into his food.

I took my spoon and ate a little quantity of the rice. “Wow, it tastes great” I yelled happily.

“Mama is the best Cook” he said with his mouth full of food, and we both laughed.

💖Eddie’s POV💖

i came back from college feeling very stressed out. First day at school was very hectic.

“Good day mom” I said tiredly.

“Awwwn baby looks so tired” she said tapping my hair.

“Real tired” I said and sat on the couch removing my shoes.

“How was your first day?” Mother asked smiling.

“Good, just tiring. Where Is dad?” I asked looking around.

“He decided to go to the company today, so he went back to out former site” she replied moving to the kitchen.

“Care for some snacks??” She asked from the kitchen.

“Sure!” I said and stood up to meet her.

She brought out some snacks from the oven and gave some to me in a plate.

“Where is Ryan??” I asked taking a bit of the snacks.

“In your room, he has been there since morning. He just came down to take his food and rushed upstairs again” she said rolling her eyebrows.

Only heaven knows why he is so attracted to that room and the window, even the Lady he said he saw at the window I am yet to see her.

“Am off to my room mom” I said and carried my plate of snacks upstairs.

I got to my room and got in to ses Ryan sitting beside the window playing video games on his laptop.

“Hey you” I said and dropped my bag on the bed.

“Hey Eddie” he replied smiling.

“Why are you sitting so close to the window??” I asked sitting close to him.

He looked at me and then the window. I looked at the window but didn’t see anything, “Ryan common tell me what you always look at here” I asked rolling my eyes.

“Ryan, am done” I heard the sweetest voice ever say from the window opposite mine. Ryan eyes widened and we both looked at the window.

And there stood the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life, my mouth dropped open and before I knew it she quickly rolled down the cotten blocking me from seeing her.

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