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S*x Slave 🔞 – Season 1 – Episode 5

Episode 5

🔪 Uncle Joe🔪

I really enjoy maltreating princess. She didn’t like me when I was always coming to visit her parent. And now, she is mine!!!.

I have always wanted to f**k her, but because her parent wouldn’t let her out of sight I wasn’t opportuned.

Since her parent died, sorry since i murdered her parents I have wanted just one thing. Their properties.

And now the lawyer is telling me I can’t have it because the will is not in my name. I am sure if I tell her to go tell the lawyer to change the name to mine, she won’t agree.

She may even tell everyone she sees how I behave to her. I just need to keep her in my custody till I think of what to do to the stupid lawyer.

I came out of princess’s room after f**king her. I went to the fridge and poured myself some cold water.

I sat on the couch and rested my head on the back rest. I really need to deal with that lawyer. I told him I will give him part of the property if he could change the name but he refused.

I need to force him to do so, and I know quite well what to do. I am tired of working everyday in poverty, I need to enjoy my life.

I can’t even ask anyone around my house for help, they don’t greet nor talk to me. They fear me so much.

The day someone asked me about princess that I locked up in the room. I got the person killed after some days and I wasn’t caught by the police.

Since then I have been feared by everyone around me. Well, that’s me no one dares me and goes Scot free.

💝 Eddie’s POV💝

… The next day….

i woke up very early the next day to prepare for college. Ryan was still fast asleep I didn’t bother waking him up

I packed my books into my bag and looked around the room to see if I forgot anything, I then looked at the window and remembered Ryan looking outside the window.

“What could Ryan be seeing here??” I thought standing close to the window and looking downwards.

I shifted my gaze to the window opposite mine. This time the cotten was up slightly, surely someone lives in this room.

I moved closer to the window, stucking my head out of the window looking into the other window. I narrow my eyes to see maybe I would catch a glimpse of the lady Ryan was talking about.

I was still staring at the window when I saw someone pass in the room. I widened my eyes to see if I could see better, but I couldn’t the cotten was covering almost everything.

I gave up sighing heavily, I will see whatever or whosoever is there one day.

“Hey Ryan” I said rubbing his hair.

“Hmmmmm” he groaned rolling on the bed.

“Its morning Ryan” I said smiling.

“It’s morning!!!” He yelled widening his eyes happily.

“Why are you so happy?” I asked surprised.

He didn’t even answer me, he ran to the window smiling happily. He looked out of the window to the other window still smiling.

“Ryan” I called moving close to him.

“Shhhhhhh, don’t make any sound, she won’t come out” he said whispering.

“Oh God you are nuts Ryan, am off to school” I said giggling as I left the room smiling.

💖Princess’s POV💖

I woke up very early, I felt so tired, my butts were aching seriously and they were red due to the packing my uncle gave me.

I moved to the bathroom and took my bath, the way the water touched my body I felt severe pain.

I wiped silently as I was bathing. I came out and wore another gown I found in the closet, I combed my hair and made it fall freely.

I looked at my window and saw the cotten was slightly open, I then remembered my new friend. I moved to the window happily and raised up the cotten.

And there was my new friend smiling widely looking at me. I sat close to the window and smiled widely waving my hands to him.

“You can speak up, Eddie isn’t around” he said happily.

“Who is Eddie??” I asked smiling.

“My big brother, and I am Ryan” he replied happily.

“I am princess” I replied smiling.

“You have a nice voice” he said sitting close to the window too.

“Thank you Ryan, and you have a nice name and face” I said happily.

“Thank you!” He yelled.

“So tell me, where is Eddie??” I asked nervously.

“He has gone to the college” he replied

“So why are you not in school now??” I asked furrowing my brows.

“We are new here, so Mama and Papa haven’t seen a school for me around here” he said.

“Nice, but make sure once you start school focus well” I said.

“Yes ma’am, so what about you?? Aren’t you going to college?’ He asked smiling.

” Ryan, I can’t ” I said sadly.

“Why???” He asked sadly. I shook my head sighing heavily.

“Princess I am your friend, you can talk to me” He said smiling.

If I tell him and he knows he will be in danger, my uncle is a cruel man and once he knows I told someone he will surely kill him.

“Ryan, I will go but not now, trust me” I said smiling.

“Hmmm okay, tho I am not satisfied with your answer, it seems there is more to it” he said and I felt he really understands me



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