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S*x Slave 🔞 – Season 1 – Episode 4

💖Eddie’s POV💖

I watched Ryan look out of the window but when I tried checking what he concentrated on he blocked me from seeing it.

He pulled me from the window asking me to teach him so chords. Hmm!, its strange, he had never had interest for guitar.

“Ryan, why did you develop sudden interest for guitar??” I asked as I moved to carry my guitar.

“I have just decided to learn it, is there a problem in that??” He asked just like an adult.

“No boss!” I said laughing and gave him a salute making both of us laugh.

” Now let’s start, first you need to know the type of chords that we have okay??” I said looking at him, but he was busy looking out the window.

“Ryan tell me the truth, what is behind that window??” I asked looking out again.

“Mysteries” he said waving in hands in the air grinning widely.

“Common Ryan, spill it” I said rolling my eyes.

“Meet me downstairs!” He said and ran out of my room.

“This guy is real crazy” I mumbled and moved to the window again looking out.

I looked at the window opposite mine and all I saw was a black cotten. I sighed and dropped my guitar before moving downstairs.

It was evening already and mother had served dinner.

“Eddie, dinner is ready” mother said carrying a dinning pot full of only God knows to the table.

“Am always ready” I grinned and everyone laughed.

We all sat at the table and started eating. I looked at Ryan and he seemed very happy while eating. Hmmmm, this is really strange.

“Eddie, you need to start preparing for college, you know you are starting tomorrow” my dad said chewing his rice cake.

“Yes father, I will once am done with dinner” I said and he nodded as a response.

“Mom, Dad, I want to stay with Eddie in his room” Ryan spoke up frowning.

“Ryan, you know Eddie needs his privacy too” my mother said sadly.

“Eddie please” he said blinking his eyes like the baby he is.

“Okay fine fine” I said swaying my head.

“Yes!!!!” He yelled and stood up from the dinning table.

“Where are you going??” He all asked looking at him.

“To pack my stuffs” he said and before we could talk he was out of sight.

“Crazy fella” I muttered smiling. Staying with him will be so much fun.

💖Princess’s POV💖

I walked away from the window when the small boy and his brother left the room. I really like the small boy, tho I am yet to know his name.

He seems fun to be with. I sat on my bed smiling when I heard the door knob open. Shit!! It is evening. Uncle is around.

I stood up shaking vigorously, I can’t do this again this night. He walked in grinning widely.

“Bastard” I cursed under my breath.

“Did you miss me??” He asked moving close to me but I didn’t give him a reply.

He raised my face to meet his and planted a kiss on my lips. Gosh!!! I hate it when he dies that.He smelt of alcohol, and I could taste it in his mouth.

I was wearing the regular gown I wear everyday. He stopped kissing me and turned me to face the window abruptly.

I was very scared, what is he planning this time?? I thought in tears. He brought out a cloth and tied my mouth preventing me from screaming.

He raised up my gown revealing my b**ts. He spanked my a** and I groaned in pain. He pulled my hand behind me and tied it firmly.

“Please don’t” I said in tears, he spanked me again and fresh tears rushed out of my eyes.

He went ahead to pull down my panties. He bent down and licked my a**, making me wince in disgust.

He removed his pants exposing his stupid d**k. He brought it to my passage and I closed my eyes in expectation of another pain.

He pushed in his d**k into my a**hole and I screamed very loud but it couldn’t come out because of the cloth in my mouth.

I felt severe pain in my a**. I tried to release myself from his grip but he spanked my b**ts again. He started thrusting in and out and groaning like an idiot he is.

I felt nothing but pain and hatred, he continued and increased his pace until he released inside of me.

He sighed heavily and removed his d**k from my a**hole. He untied me and dropped the drugs I use on the bed.

I fell to the fall where I was in hot tears. “Use the drugs” he said and left locking the door from outside.

I tried standing but I was too weak.

“I just want to die!!!” I yelled in tears. This pain is too much for me to bear.

💖Ryan”s POV💖

I walked into Eddie’s room carrying my stuffs, I arranged them right beside his. I can’t wait to start talking freely to my friend when Eddie starts college.

Thank God my parents are yet to find me a school around here. I will Still be home for the mean time.

I moved to the window and looked into the ladies window. The light in the room was on but the cotten was down.

I was about calling her when I saw some movement in the room, I moved closer to the window narrowing my eyes to see what was going on but I couldn’t get what exactly was going on.

“Ryan!!” I heard Eddie call from behind the door.

I quickly jumped on his bed pretending I was sleeping.

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