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S*x Slave 🔞 – Season 1 – Episode 23

Episode 23.

💞Princess’s POV💞

I loved every thrust Eddie gave me, it felt beautiful, loving and It was pleasurable compared to how my uncle Joe used me mercilessly.

“Eddie” I moaned lowly as he increased his pace. I was quite aware of the presence of Uncle Joe in the house so I tried not to be hard.

I felt my belly tighten up and I knew I was so close to cuming. “Eddie, I am coming” I said grabbing his back with great tightness.

I clamped myself against him as I came on the bed. I started breathing heavily due to the excess pleasure i felt.

Eddie was about inserting his d**k again when i heard foot steps very close to my door.

“Shit, Uncle Joe!!” I whispered to Eddie who looked so shocked. I quickly wore my gown close to me while Eddie adjusted his clothes quickly.

He rushed to the window to jump out but it was too late. “Under the bed!” I whispered loudly and he slid under the bed.

His legs were still obvious when Uncle Joe entered. “Thank God it was from the window side not the door” I thought in fear.

“Why are you still awake?” He asked raising up his eye brows.

“I can’t sleep” I said holding my head like I was having an headache. I looked down and I saw the bedsheet that was wet due to my c*m uncovered.

I quickly took my duvet and laid it properly like I was covering my leg well. He walked closer to me and stared at me.

“Why are you so sweety even when the window is open?” He asked suspiciously.

“I don’t know, I think I am to feeling too well uncle Joe” I said looking very tired.

“Well, I came for my knife. I left if here the other day” he said looking around the house.

“Really, I didn’t see it” I said still pretending to be weak.

“It fell on the ground. It should be here” he said looking at the floor.

“I don’t think so, I saw you take it out” I said.

“Shut up Princess. I didn’t ask for your opinion!! ” he yelled as he kept searching. I started praying silently that he won’t bend talk less of checking under the bed.

But unfortunately he bent down looking around my bed. I held my breath and I felt sweat dropping profusely.

He suddenly looked under my bed and I gasped and the next thing I heard was my uncle scream holding his eyes which was full of blood already.

“Uncle!!” I called and I saw Eddie rush out from under the bed holding Uncle Joe’s knife which was stained with blood. Surely, my uncle’s blood.

“Come with me now” he said pulling Me from the bed.

“Where are we going?” I asked looking at my uncle rolling on the floor in pains.

“Anywhere apart from here. We need to get out now” he said and pulled me to the window. He gestured me to go first and I did, I jumped on the mango tree and Eddie was right behind me.

“Princess come back here!!” I heard my Uncle groan and I felt shivers run down my spine.

“I swear I will find you both and kill you!!” He yelled again as we jumped down the Mango tree. I looked up and I saw my uncle trying to stand up.

“We need to run princess” he said and started pulling me into the dark street.

“Where are we going?? This is your house” I asked in confusion.

“We will go to our former house to stay there for the main time. I will ask father to bring some of my stuffs” he replied as we both ran out of the street.

“Shit!!” He added looking at his hand.

“What is that?” I asked anxiously.

“My wristwatch fell in your room” he said sighing.

“Oh God, what do we do now?” I asked fearfully.

“Don’t worry Princess, I will get another one” he said and I nodded.

“Eddie what of your school?” I asked after we were already far from home.

“I will cope don’t worry. What matters now is your safety okay?” He said as we started walking normally.

“I can’t believe you thrust this knife in his eyes” I said staring at the knife in his hands.

“I had to, he almost saw my face. I did so he won’t be able to recognize me anything he sees me” he replied smiling.

“I am still scared Eddie” I said looking around me as we walked in the darkness of the midnight.

“We will be fine. He will be thrown in jail soon and we will have our lives back” he said as we got to the front of a house.

“This is our former house. Still ours tho” he said and opened the door for me to come in.

“Wow, nice house” I said looking around the living room. It had very beautiful cushions and a large television.

“It is your home now princess” he said kissing me slightly on the lips while I smiled faintly.

“Thanks” I replied.

“Sit! I will look for something for you to eat or drink, I know you haven’t been eating well.” He said and I nodded smiling.

“My dad comes her often, so he keeps the fridge filled with amazing stuffs” he said looking into the fridge while I kept staring at him.

I can’t believe I am really out of that cage I have been for two good years. I pray this last long and ends well.

I know how deadly my uncle is and I pray he won’t come close to us again. Especially Eddie, I can’t afford to lose him after everything he had done for me.


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