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S*x Slave 🔞 – Season 1 – Episode 22

💙 Princess’s POV💙

It been a while I chatted with Eddie and Ryan, they have been so busy with only God knows.Its been long they sat at the window.

I went to the window worried about them, hope Uncle Joe hasn’t captured them.

“Eddie!! Ryan!!” I called from my window.

“Hey!!” They replied running to the window. I smiled in relieve as I heard their voice, I thought they were.. Nvm.

“Are you okay?? Its been long we saw, I was thinking about something bad already” I said smiling.

“Common Princess nothing can happen to us. And I am sorry about not talking to you for some days, I have been so busy following my dad to the police station” he said.

“Police station?? So quick??” I asked happily.

“I am here” Ryan replied rolling his eyes.

“Am so sorry Ryan. How are you doing?” I replied pouting my mouth.

“Getting better” he said sighing heavily.

“Getting better!?” I aksed in a confused tone.

“I kissed your uncle” he said shouting me an irritated expression.

“Kissed why??” I asked.

“He was captured by your uncle, but he played smart with him and ended up kissing him” Eddie said trying not to laugh.

Ryan narrowed his eyes at him and he stopped giggling.

“Am so sorry about that Ryan” I said sadly.

“Its okay, but I won’t be involved in this issues again. Who knows what horrible thing I would nerd to do to save myself again” he said folding his arms.

“We all know that you are the smartest here Ryan. Please don’t stop getting involved” Eddie said holding his shoulders.

He looked at me and I nodded sadly too. “Fine, I am staying in this game because of Princess not Eddie” he said and I smiled.

“Thank you dear” I said happily. Eddie sighed and looked at me

“I missed you princess” Eddie said looking so emotional.

“I missed you too Eddie” I said shyly.

“Why not visit her at midnight to do all these intimidating stuffs” Ryan scoffed making us giggle.

“I will visit you at midnight” he said and I nodded smiling.

❤Eddie’s POV❤


I moved to Princess’s window after making sure nobody was looking. I looked into her room and I saw her fast asleep.

I climbed into her window so I wouldn’t make a noise. I got in and moved closer to where she was sleeping. She used her duvet to cover herself.

I sat close to her looking at my face. Her hair were scattered all over her face. I took my hand to her face and stuck her hair behind her ears.

She moved on the bed and I removed my hand quickly. I stared into her face with so much love, I love her so so much.

She stretched on the bed and opened her eyes slowly. She saw me and a smile curved on her lips. I smiled back at her holding her hands rubbing it carefully.

“I am sorry I slept off” she said sitting up. That was when I knew she had no clothes on. I smiled staring at her lips, I wish I could just kiss them right away. She looked at me and she knew I was staring at her lips.

“Do it if you want to Eddie” she said shyly. I reached for her and pulled her into my arms kissing her deeply.

Her exposed b**bs pressed against my chest as I slid my tongue into her mouth meeting her. She took my tongue in my mouth and it was she was going to swallow it.

We both started breathing hard as we kissed. She moved to sit on my thighs as I sat on the bed. She was only on Panties.

She reached for my hair kissing me deeper like her life depended on it. I felt her already wet p**sy on my d**k and I felt it twitch immediately.

My hard d**k rubs her honey spot and she couldn’t help but moan into my mouth.

“Princess” I called stopping the kiss.

“Eddie please don’t stop this time. I want to do this with you, only you and not that bastard I call an uncle” she said staring at my lips.

I nodded and she kissed me again and this time I trailed my hand down to her a**, carrying her off my leg and placing her on the bed.

I crawled on top of her kissing her neck down to her curves. She moaned softly biting her lower lip and it drove mr crazy.

I took her n**ple into my mouth teasing it with my tongue. I stopped and moved down to her belly bottom flicking it with my tongue.

She parted her legs for me to have more access to her. I moved my whole body in between her legs kissing her to her waistline.

I moved to her thighs kissing around her wet honeypot. She started raising up her hips to met my mouth but I didn’t want to go there yet.

I koept kissing her thighs and the way she breathed changed it was like she was gasping for air.

“Eddie, you punishing me” she moan holding the duvet tightly. I grinning against her thighs before moving my mouth to her wet honeypot.

I licked her through her panties which where as wet as f**k already. I reached for her panties to remove them, she raised her hips up and I slid the pants off her.

I stared at her p**sy it was so pink and beautiful, no matter how the man treated her she was still very beautiful.

I lowered my head and stuck my tongue out to flick her c**t. She started swaying her hips in pleasure and I couldn’t access her well.

I held her down with my hand doing the needful😋. “Eddie..” She moaned breathing really hard. I licked her wet honeypot dry before bringing out my d**k🍆.

She stared at my d**k and I became so shy. She nodded and pulled me to her as I landed on her kissing her

“Do it already” she whispered in my ears softly and I felt like tearing her apart. I placed my d**k at her presence brushing it on the surface as she gave the sweetest silent moan.

I pushed in gently and I saw her eyes widen, she still felt tight around me. I pushed in all of me and stared thrusting.

I went closely feeling every bit of her and I knew I was driving her crazy with the way she shivered under me.

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