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S*x Slave 🔞 – Season 1 – Episode 20

💞 Eddie’s POV💞


“Hi dad” I said sitting very close to where he was having his morning coffee.

“Hey son” he answered sipping some coffee into his mouth.

“Dad, I need your help” I said and my mum looked at me immediately from the kitchen.

“What is that son?” He replied putting the coffee on the table and facing me properly.

“I know of a friend, her parents were killed by her uncle, she was brought to live in this same uncle house and she ended up been a s3x machine to me. Dad I want justice for her and her family” I said sadly watching how they paid rapt attention to me.

“Eddie, you know the cops can’t just work on what you know or have said. They need vital evidences” he said looking at me sadly.

“That is why I brought this..” I said and brought out the tape and my phone from my pocket.

“What is in here?” He asked taking the tape.

“A video clip of how he killed a parent. We could play it now if you want, I have watched ot already” I said looking at mum.

He kept looking at the tape while I took my phone closer to his face showing him the pictures on the wall and the guns under his bed.

He collected my phone scanning all carefully before raising his head up to look at me with a narrowed eyes.

“How did you get all this things?” He asked suspiciously.

“Well, I.. I.. Broke into his house” I stammered shuggering my shoulders.

“What??? You did what?? You broke into a criminals house with the cops??” My mother asked feeling really astonished.

“Mother that was the only thing I could do, I can’t just sit back and watch her get maltreated. And I couldn’t take the cops there because I didn’t want any situation whereby there won’t be any evidences in the house” I said bowing my head from the gaze of my angry mother.

“And who is this girl you want to kill yourself for??” She asked again.

“Princess” I replied still looking at the ground.

“Who the hell is princess” she asked angrily

“A girl I love mother” I said looking at her and I saw her countenance soften.

“You took a dangerous step son” my dad added calmly.

“Dad I know, and I thank God I wasn’t caught. I need to fight for her, please do something about this. Don’t let the risk I took be in vein” I said holding my dads hand.

“Hmmm okay,I will try my best. But first let me watch what is in the tape” he said smiling.

“Thank you father” I said and hugged him tight.

“Where does she live?” My mother asked stirring her coffee as she sat opposite me.

“The next compound” I replied smiling.

“Next compound?? And I haven’t gotten to see her, how come?” She asked sipping her coffee.

“Because she is always locked indoor by her wicked uncle” I replied clenching my fists.

“This is serious. Please honey do something about it really fast” she said facing dad sadly.

“I will” he said nodding.

😍 Ryan’s POV😍

I walked down the stairs yawning loudly, I got to the living room to see everyone discussing.

“Did I miss something?” I said running to sit on mama’s leg.

“No son you didn’t. Good morning” she said tickling me making me giggle.

“Good morning everyone” I said looking at Eddie.

“Morning smartie” Eddie replied smiling.

My stomach grumbled loudly and everyone giggled.

“Mother I am hungry” I said shyly.

“Eddie I am so sorry, I am yet to prepare breakfast” she said pouting my mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhh.. Fine I will go play so I won’t feel the hunger” I said and stood up from mother’s laps.

“Don’t go far Ryan” my dad said smiling.

“I won’t, will just ride my bicycle down the street” I said and ran out heading to the motor garage where I kept my bicycle.

I brought it out and started riding it down the street happily. I tried some stunts and I couldn’t help but feel so happy.

I kept riding the bicycle down the street until I saw Princess’s uncle on my way. He was wearing a hoody seaty.I felt scared immediately I saw him but I tried to compose myself.

He started walking to me very fast and I shivered where I was. I waved quickly and was about paddling away when I felt him grab me from behind.

He used an handkerchief to block my nose and I started getting dizzy. I tried struggling with him but I couldn’t. My eyes shut dead.

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