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S*x Slave 🔞 – Season 1 – Episode 19

Episode 19

💞 Eddie’s POV💞

I took the tape to my TV and inserted it into the video player. I sat close to Ryan as the video started loading.

It started playing and I could see two people, a man and a woman tied to a chair in a deserted ware house. The people looked so familiar, I brought out my phone to check and I saw it was part of the pictures on the wall.

“They are Princess’s parent??” I said watching the video closely. I looked at Ryan and I saw him staring at the TV clueless of what was going on.

They looked so swollen and I knew very well that they had been beaten. Then a person showed up holding a gun.

“Princess’s uncle!” Ryan yelled in fear. My eyes widened as I saw him point the gun at the man known to be Princess’s father.

“I need you dead so I can take your wealth brother. I also need it you know” her uncle said in the TV laughing wickedly.

He puller the trigger and he shot her father on the head. “Omg!!!” I heard Ryan say in tears beside me. “He is so wicked” he added weeping seriously.

I couldn’t do anything, I was so shocked at his wickedness to him own brother. Right in out presence I saw him move to her mother tearing her clothes apart.

I pulled Ryan close to me and I his his face on my chest, I can’t let him see this brutal act. I watched him grab her to the floor and rape her. I felt tears fall roll down my cheeks as he did.

“I will show your miserable daughter this video after I get all I want, then after that I will…” Her uncle said pointing the gun at her mother after rapping her. “Do this,..” He added and shot her in the head.

The sound of the gun made Ryan flinch in my arms, I rubbed his back slowly and the recording stopped. “I swear, I am going to slit his throat myself!!” I said between gritted teeth.


I jumped out of my window into the tree. Ryan was fast asleep, he cried seriously before he slept. I moved to Princess’s window and whispered her name.

“Princess” I whispered and I heard footsteps coming towards the window. The cotten gave way and I Princess showed up smiling widely.

She opened the window and I climbed into her window through the stool. I looked at her and I saw she was on only bra and panties.

“Hi” I said trying not to stare at her too much.

“Hi” she replied walking to her bed.

I moved close to her and sat close to her on the bed. I brought out my phone and started showing her the pictures i had taken from his room.

“Do you know this man??” I asked showing her the picture on my phone.

“This is the man that questioned him about me. He asked why he always locked me up” she said and I nodded in understanding.

“He killed him” I said and she nodded sadly.

💚 Princess’s POV💚

He showed me the picture of the different guns my uncle has and I was so shocked. He is a first class criminal and he doesn’t deserve to live.

“All I need do is to show this to my dad, he will work on it, and then you will be set free finally” he said smiling. I stared into his eyes with so much love and emotion.

“I love you Eddie” I said and he moved close to be very fast and kissed me hard on the lips. He laid me down on my bed and he was on top of me.

I let my hand trail down his back and I felt his hands slide through my side down to my thighs making me moan slightly.

He moved from my lips to my neck giving me hickeys and I found myself fondling with his hair. He trailed kissed down to my b**bs as she removed my bra still kissing me.

My bra was off in a second and he took my ni**le between his teeth teasing it with his tongue. “F**k” I moaned let pleasure take me.

My eyes was still closed when I felt him leave my body. “What is wrong Eddie??” I asked sitting up.

“Princess I am so sorry, I shouldn’t have done this. You are yet to recover, I can do this to you now” he said sadly.

I understood what he meant immediately. To be honest I didn’t want him to stop, but I still need to hold on. I don’t want the case whereby he sleeps with me now and I hate him afterwards.

“Kiss me” I said moving closer to him. I looked into his eyes and all I saw was true love and care. He reached for my chin and raised it up, his lips met mine as he devoured my lower lip.

I slide my tongue into his mouth and my tongue met with his rolling in a sweet rhythm. I started going out of air, so as he.

I broke from the kiss and breathed in air. “I love you Princess” he said and I hugged him tightly letting my b**bs press on his abs.

“I love you too” I said closing my eyes in emotion.

“I need to go now Princess” he said rubbing my hand on her back.

“After all this nightmare is over, I want us to go somewhere no body knows us. Where we can start our lives again” I said smiling as I imagined the scenario in my head.

“I will see to that” he said smiling.

He moved to the window and faced back abruptly kissing me again. “Dream of me” he said and jumped out of the window.

I smiled and moved back to my bed remembering how I melted under his touch.


Eddie and Princess love are turning my head oo❣️💟💟💌

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