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S*x Slave 🔞 – Season 1 – Episode 14

💖 Eddie’s POV💖

I chased her round the room while Ryan kept laughing aloud. “Princess common on, I am tired” I said still running after her as she kept laughing.

She ran into the bathroom laughing very hard. “I am gong to catch you in there!!” I yelled and ran after her into the bathroom. She went right under the shower.

She turned looking at me laughing hard. I stopped running after her and went closer to her slowly. “You are beautiful” I said looking into her eyes.

Her laughing turned into a normal countenance. I leaned towards her and pulled her close to me turning the tap to the shower as water dropped on us.

She shuggered under it and I saw her nipple harden under the water. I looked at her and she kept mute staring at me.

I reached for her waist and pulled her to me still under the water. Her hair gummed to her face, so did mine.

We both grew goosebumps immediately. I pulled her into my arms hugging her tightly, her b**bs pressed on my chest.

I felt her hand at my back hugging me back. “I will save you even if it means giving up my life” I said and raised her head to mine.

I raised her chin up slowly moving my face to hers, she stood on her toes and reached for my lips with hers.

She kissed me do passionately and I felt her hot tongue slide into my mouth. I reciprocated immediately letting my hands slide down her back holding her so tight.

She placed her hands around my neck pulling me more into her mouth. I lifted her up carrying her around my torso and placing her against the wall.

“Eddie!! He is back!” Ryan yelled from my room. “Shit!!” I cursed as we both ran out of the bathroom.

“Please go now Eddie, he mustn’t see you” she said squeezing her clothe dry.

“Am sorry for wetting you” I said moving to the window. “I loved every bit of it” she replied blushing slightly.

I jumped out of the window to the tree. I moved briskly to my window and as I was about jumping into my room I looked back at her.

“I love you” I said and jumped into my room. I looked at her as she smiled at her. Suddenly her countenance changed and I saw her uncle come in.

“F**k!” I said and quickly hid my face as she dropped the cotten.

“See who is in love” Ryan said smiling widely.

“Common Ryan, don’t start. Her uncle is there again to use her like he always does, its so annoying!” I said moving to my bed.

“I am going to f**king kill him” I mumbled as I laid on my bed.

💋 Princess’s POV💋

I heard the door knob turn and I felt sadness all of a sudden. I turned to face him, he was grinning stupidly.

“Why are you dripping wet??” He asked coming close to me.

“I…I just finished taking my… My bath” I stammered looking down.

“With your clothes??” He yelled and immediately I felt tears gather in my eyes.

“God please don’t let him beat me nor touch me today, I am yet to get healed” I prayed silently.

He come closer to me staring into my eyes, “you look tired” he said and I nodded slowly.

“I will leave you for today, but trust me I will be back tomorrow” he said and walked out of my room.

“Did that just happen? Did he just go without f**king me?” I thought happily.

“Thank you God.” I said holding my palms together. I heard him lock the door and I ran to window to see Eddie burning in anger.

“Hey” I called and he looked at me in surprise.

“Princess, are you okay??” He asked sticking his head out of the window.

“I am good, he left me for today” I said happily.

“I am breaking in tomorrow” he said firmly.

“Eddie are you sure about this?? What if you are caught??” I asked fearfully.

“I am sure and I know I won’t be caught. Ryan and I will work together tomorrow, all you need do is to stay put okay??” He said like a professional.

“Okay boss” I said saluting him while we both laughed.

“Did you mean what you said today?” I asked shyly.

“I said many things today which of them?” He asked grinning.

“That you love me” I said looking away.

“I meant it Princess, I love you” he said and I couldn’t help but burst into tears.

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