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s£x In The Ghetto – Season 1 – Episode 9

Episode 9
I paused.. I looked at d door.. It wasn’t
locked.. I just positioned myself and
“Come in”..
The secretary opened d door and walked
briskly into d office..
“They are done with d exam ma”…
“Allryt my dear, tell my assistant to collate all
d answer sheets..”
“Ok ma..”
The secretary turned and
walked away, eyeing
me badly as if she knew wat just happened.. I
smiled… w€tin concern me?
My exam was sure, and my d–k was
satisfied..eye all u want..
She turned to me and smiled…
“Baby boy… U can leave now..”
“Just gimme. Ur exam number”.. I had already
memorised it..
She wrote it down..
“Pass me my handbag”
I did .. She looked through her bag.. She
brought out some 20 naira notes.. And pushed
dem in my pocket.. I wanted to resist.. But she
“Hope u got my envelope d last time?”
Then I remembered d envelope was in d back
pocket of jean trousers.. I left it mrs busayo’s
I knodded..
“Thank u ma..” I said
“No.. Thank u”…she replied..
“U can leave now..”..
I stood up and headed for d door..
I opened it and stepped out… I passed by d
secretary and she gave a long hiss…
“Yeye dey smell” she said in an irritating
I just start to dey whistle my own dey go…
By now, d exam had finished and d students
we’re already trooping out.. I quickly hailed
some of my guys…
“Oboi wetin dey happen na?” Asked 1 of my
“Omo no mind 1 mumu wey Bleep me up
“Na who u dey call mumu?” A voice replied
from behind me..
I turned around and saw d guy It was d same
guy dat gave me d textbook…
“I no try? I give u and I warn u…”
“Na ur fault jhor..” We kept on arguing and
arguing.. Until in between 2 people, a beauty
emerged.. A familiar beauty.. I tried
rememebering who it was and we’re I met
her… Den it hit me.. It was josephine! D gurl
wey make me fall for her street d oda day…
Thank God.. She even gave me a free visa to
her house..
“Oboi I go see una later”.. I excused myself
from my guys and walked briskly to her…
With d boldness of my recent experiences, I
walked confidently to her.. Smiled and
“Hey baby.. Wassup?”
She drew breathe, smiled and winked back..
“Who’s baby?”
“My name is josephine.. I told u before…”
I smiled.. Dis gurl wan gimme familiarity…
From no where, 2 of her fwends emerged..dey
both looked at me and eyed me.. 1 flirtily and
1 disgustingly… I ignored dem and focused on
d zubject matter..
“Sowie I didn’t show up again…”
“I av been very busy..”
Dey all burst into laughter as if rehearsed..
Den she turned to me saying..
“U.. Busy? I don hear. Ur gist na”
“U no sleep for house..yesterday..”
“I heard u slept in dat angry looking woman’s
house” her ugly. Skinny friend replied..
“U must ave been very busy”.. Her other friend
affirmed.. Giving me a luscious wink..
I cleared my throat..
“No… Me aaargh.. w€tin u mean na?”
Dey burst into laughter again…
D skinny 1 turned to her friend..
“Abeg make we comot here
jare.. Leave dis
bad boi”
On hearing d title dey slammed on my head, I
gained confidence.. I walked to dier midst held
josephine and gave her a peck on d chick,,
“I will see u later”. I said and turned away..
Leaving all of dem speechless..
I heard dem murmuring affirmatively.. In
whispers.. With sometin like ‘I like d.guy jor’
being d most prominent.. I knew I was gonna
Bleep her soon…
As I left dem I headed for d exit hopin to get
home before my mother wud arrive.. So as to
pretend as if I was sleeping to avoid
unnecessary explanation.. As I was gettin
close to d gate a junior student approached
“Good afternoon senior”
“Senior.. Ms evelyn is calling u..”
I paused.. Ms evelyn.. Wat cud she want again
“We’re is she? ” I quizzed d boy..
“She is in. d home econs lab”
“Ok thank u”
“U can leave now..” I said.. Patting him on d
As I walked back towards d home econs lab, a
lot was on my mind..
‘What did she want?’ D envelope and my
clothes I left in mrs busayo’s place..
Containing d envelope.. Yes d envelope.. If dis
mysterious woman could gimme crisp 20 naira
notes like dis, wat of d envelope..
Wat could be in it?
How was my mum gonna react to my absence
Hope mama nkechi hadn’t said anytin..
I continued to ponder and ponder and ponder
until I arrived at d home econs lab…
D way my school was arranged back den,
ensured dat practical labs like introtech, home
econs, physics and chemistry we’re situated at
d back of d school.. D side facing d canal… So
we had to walk a fair distance to get to those
places.. D home econs lab was d farthest d
reason being that most of dier cooking
procedures required gas.. And d govt didn’t
want any fire disaster.. So dey kept it as far
away from d classrooms as possible..
After d exam, d school was somehow
deserted.. I walked to d lab. On getting to d
door, I looked behind me in 1 quick move to
survey if anybody was watching me.. Satisfied
with my survey, I pushed d door and got in…
The home econs lab was a typical 1…a large
table at d centre of d room with d four corners
laced with abridged cupboards which we’re
decked with. Cooking utensils.. At a corner of
d room was a mock dining table.. Obviously
used to teach table setting..
I walked into d lab, s—-d in d fresh air of a
flour induced scent…I didn’t notice any one
der so I made my presence known…
“Good afternoon ma” I said loudly… Even
though I didn’t notice her der…
“Keep ur voice down” she replied briskly…
“Do u want people to hear u?” She said as she
came out of d inner demarcated portion of d
lab… She looked hot… In a typical teacher
attire.. Nice looking yellow and black checked
shirt and an ash colored skirt.. I noticed her
huge melons we’re being restrained against
their wish…
“Sit down” she ordered, pointing to a stool
behind me..
I obliged… Sweating profusely…
She sat down directly opposite me… Cleared
her throat and began..
“I understand dat u passed d nyt at mrs
busayo’s place yesterday…”
I knodded..
“I know d last tym u bleeped me she saw us
and promised to deal wit u”
I knodded again.. My heart was beating so
fast because I knew where she was headed
and I also knew I wasn’t ready to answer or
cook up a good lie..
“I want u to tell me d truth..”
“Did she sleep with u last nyt?”
The question was like a bombshell… I thought
abt it.. What shud I tell her? D truth? Wat if
she wanted to use it as leverage against mrs
busayo.. I thought about mrs busayo.. Crying
telling me I betrayed her.. I thought about d
bleeping we had.. How intense it had been.. I
thought about her pouted lips, d care and
food… No! I couldn’t say d truth…
“I asked u a question!” Ms evelyn roared..
I snapped back to reality…
“N.. No..” I answered subtly, my disposition
easily giving me away..
“U are lieing.. I can see it all over ur face”
I forced a fake smile..
“No ma, I am not lieing” I said.. I couldn’t
even recognise my own voice…
“Den y are u sweating?”
I looked at my body.. I was sweating like a
woman in labour.. Choi! See gobe…
“She slept wit u didn’t she?”
I bowed my head and knodded..
She laughed hysterically.. I was surprised at
first, but later warmed up to her laughter
“So dat woman know good tin?”
“She like p—k?”
I knodded…
“And u.. U wey sabi Bleep woman.. U Bleep
am well well abi?”
I smiled.. My ego was rubbed and I was shy… I
knodded again..
“Oya tell me about it…” Another bombshell…
I was running late, but I figured, wat d hell..
And I told her everytin..
D fight, d escape, d p–n and den d sex..
Everytin… But I took out time to outline
detailedly, d sexual part..
She listend with rapt attention… I noticed dat
as I told her, she became hot… Her breathing
was becoming long and slow…her melons
we’re pushing against her bra with d tips
engorged.. I begin dey add extra.. As I spoke,
she parted her legs and became still.. I knew I
was having an effect on her. Heck, I was
having an effect on myself! My Attention grew
large…she looked at it and den stood up…
“Hmmm e be like say u enjoy yesterday nyt”
“We’re u come get d strength to dey stand like
dis na?”
She turned around and looked at me…
“Was she sweeter dan me?” I couldn’t really
say… Becos I had a quickie with evelyn while
mrs busayo’s episode was detailed.. But of
course I couldn’t tell her dat..
“Lai lai…”
“She no sweet reach u” I replied…
She chuckled..blushing…
“U dey lie jhor”… I sensed d weakness…
“No… I av neva bleeped any woman before u..”
“U we’re my 1st and u we’re sweeter dan mrs
She smirked.
I knodded… By now I could even smell her
heat.. I slowly walked up to her, my Attention
visible.. And planted my lips on first
she stayed der.. Doing noting.. I squeesed her
left boo.b.. And she gave out a moan and held
my Attention.. She began actively kissing me
bak..I held her neck and and kissed her,
roughly handling her b.oobs.. By now she had
opened my zip and massaged my di ck.. Softly
caressing it.. I unbottoned her shirt and
released d melons from prison…see bobby… I
engulfed 1 ni.ppple. And s—-d…
“Yaaaaaaa… omg, u dey kill me…” Was my
response.. I took d oda 1 and s—-d again…
She responded in like manner…
I wasn’t really a sticker for pre-intimacy so I
lifted her to her table, her legs and
s—-d her just d way I was taught some
minuites ago..
She squirmed… Obviously not accustomed to
dat before…
“Aaargh…. F*****ck!… Wat are u doing to me…?”
I kept sucking..
“God.. This is too much…”
I kept sucking..
“I love it… Oh suck my toto.. ”
“Suck am for me”
I s—-d it for all its worth.. Teasing d c–t.
After some time… She started bucking…and
was beggin me..
“Pls stop… I want to piss”
I didn’t hear her o…
I quickly stopped and replaced my mouth with
my d–k…
She screamed in pleasure as her juices poured
all over me… I continued bleeping in a tempo I
have never used before…
She started ministering to me with her
“Aaaah Bleep.. My toto… Aaish…”
“Aaaaiiiii.. hmmmmm u dey Bleep me well…”
“Eeeeeeewe o… My toto.. E dey hot o…”
She held me tight and released for d second
time… D pleasure got intense.. D moans, d
bare sight of her unclothedness, b.oobs about
and large, her beauty and watching my d–k
enter and come out of dat pink slit sent me
over d edge.. Without warning I pushed deep
and grunted, releasing my seed into her… She.
Relaxed and accepted it with all lust
humility… I quickly disengaged…kissed her and
zipped my fly…
“I have to go home now… I will be bak dis
evening for. Nyt lesson..” I winked…
She was too confused to reply.. I picked up my
file and walked out…
To be continued…

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