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s£x In The Ghetto – Season 1 – Episode 8

Episode 8
“Hold it right there”… A harsh voice
thundered.. I froze, holding d textbook in my
hand and sweating profusely…
“What is dat u.r holding?”
I turned to see d face of an angry looking man
with tribal marks as if he fought a tiger that
left scars on him…
“I… Don’t….ah.. I
..” I stammered convulsively..
I wanted to explain but a very big bolus of
saliva stuck my throat up.. He immediately
held my hand and grabbed my answer sheet..
“U are cheating abi?”
“Noooooooo” I replied..
“Cheating? “No sir o.. Dat boi asked me to
keep his book for him”
“Which boi?” He ordered
I turned to identify d guy who gave me d
book.. But my guy don change position o..
I no see d guy sef o… Chai.. I bite my finger…
“Come with me..”
“U are in deep soup” “u must see d external
I swallowed hard saliva wen I heard that…
“Temi bami” “jeeeeeesus”
He dragged me downstairs, to d reception and
shoved me on my kneels…
“Mr akimuda, wat happened?” A lovely voice
I hung ma head in shame…
“He was cheating in d exam hall ma”
He replied..
“Really? Why would u do dat young man?”
I lifted up my head to explain and lo and
behold, my eyes met with d woman who
supposed to be d external invigilator.. It was
mama nkechi’s mysterious friend!
My mouth hung in awe.. I couldn’t talk… I was
surprised and flabbergasted at d same time..
She must have noticed it and didn’t want
anybody to suspect.. She quickly dismissed
my angry invigilator
“You can go now mr akimuda.. I will take it
from here”..
He shrugged, turned around and left..
She turned to me..
“Ah ah.. Wonders shall never end.. Is dis u?”
I knodded..
“Oya get up jor”
“Come here” she said and patted d sofa next
to her..
I stood up and sat down near her..
“Did u finish ur paper?”
“Alright. I will personally help u finish u dnt
need to go back there ok?”
She collected my answer sheet and kept in her
file… And turned to d receptionist
“Abike, tell ur principal not to hurry back from
our office in yaba.. I will be waiting patienly
for her in her office”…
With dat she stood up, took her files and
beckoned on me to follow her.. I followed her
slowly, still surprised at d turn of events..I saw
d receptionist’s face.. I could have sworn dat
she gave me a wink…I walked briskly behind
dis lovely woman.. Her pleated skirt swayin
from side to side to d principal’s office..she
opened d door and got in.. I waited for like 5
seconds and stepped in..
As I stepped into d office, she locked d door…
Next tin I knew, her lips were all over me..
Sucking, kissing all over my face.. I held her
firmly and pinned her against d wall..I den
kissed her neck, cheeks up to her ears.. Den I
licked her earlobes.. I could feel her hands
travel down my waistline to my d–k.. She
opened my fly and brought out my d–k.. I
stopped teasing her earlobes and kissed her
full on d mouth.. She responded.. All d while
stroking my d–k.. I tore
open her blouse,,
forcefully brought out her boobs and s—-d
vehemently.. She couldn’t resist..I heard her
“Urrrrrg” “take it easy baby”
“Hian” I thought.. U sef don dey call me baby..
I s—-d away.. She started bucking her hips..
And stroking me wildly..d friction in her hand
plus her wedding ring was causing me more
pain dan pleasure.. I decided to enjoy a little..
I stopped sucking her boobs, kissed her and
“Suck ma p—k”
Impulsively, she stooped low and inserted my
rod in her mouth..
I gave. A gluttural groan as she s—-d away..
“Yeeeeah.. Suck me baby”
“Suuuuccck it..”
As she s—-d me, I held her boobs… Playing
wit dem…tweaking her Tips and handling her
hair.. After some time, I. Raised her up..lifted
her skirt, parted her legs and penetrated her
against d wall..
“Aaaaaaarh” “take it easy” she said.. As I
entered her..
She was initially dry, but immediately I entered
her, her juices sorrounded and coated my
d–k… I ejected and slotted again.. Clenching
my teeth.. She was sweet.. And ready… She
kissed me and slapped my a-s..
“Bleep me hard”
“Bleep me….”
I increased my tempo..bleeping her slit.. But
dis position was hard to maintain and
penetration wasn’t deep anof so I carried her
to d table.. My principal’s table.. I shifted
away all d files and placed her untop and
resumed my bleeping…
Long strokes and short ones..
I bleeped away… She was sweating.. Make up
spoilt, and hear tangled.. But she was getting
d ride of her life.. I bleeped her brainless.. She
held my hips hard.. And moaned.. Playing
with her c–t..
“Ur d–k is sweet”
“Dats it.. I love it.. Bleep dat toto o…”
Omg!. D Bleep had a soundtrack.. Everytime I
entered her.. there was a ‘slop’ sound like I
dived into a pool… D K—y-Cat was sweet and
hairy.. I couldn’t last much.. I tried to warn
her about my o—-m but she didn’t care..
“I wan release”…
She just kept. m0aning..
“Don’t stop.. Don’t stop.. Bleep”
I clenched my fist and in 1 final stroke
penetrated her womb with my seed…
I sighed..tired and weak.. I disengaged her,
unmounted and sat on d chair.. Half Unclad..
She lay der.. K—y-Cat still agape ..
‘Collecting breeze’…I wanted to talk.. But then
d phone rang….
My heart skipped a beat… We both looked at d
Phone.. It continued ringing… All these. Landline
dem sef ehn.. Just dey ring anyhow..
She picked it up still half Unclad…
“Hello?” She said innocently… I didn’t hear d
conversation totally.. I was still oblivion.. I
surveyed her.. As she talked.her chest rose up
and went down.. Rythmically.. Her boobs
apparently wet with my saliva, attached to it..
I traced it down to her K—y-Cat.. D labia
majora.. Opened and closed.. I was getting
aroused already..
“Okay my dear, I’m relaxing in ur office”
“Take your time jare, d exam will finish in
about 20 mins”
“Ok.. Bye bye”
She hung up d phone and turned to me…
“Dat was ur principal.. She is held up in traffic
and had to go bak to waec office to make dis
She stopped wen she saw dat I was still
hung.. Hard as aso rock…
“This boy sef ehn… U no dey tire for toto?”
I smiled and looked down at my d–k.. Light
brown with a pink cap.. Standing at 90
She sighed.. Came to me.. Pecked. Me.. And
held my d–k in my arms…
She looked into my eyes and stroked me as
she talked..
“Ur p—k is made in heaven”
“I love d way u touch me”…
I groaned as she handled my d–k.. She
noticed, lubricated her hand with saliva and
continued stroking me.. Dis tym with much
more intensity… I started bucking my hips in
return.. I was starting to feel like to come..
Wen she stopped..
I looked up at her.. She winked, turned around
and walked to d table.. Spreading her legs and
beckoning to me..
“Come suck my toto”…
I was bewildered with excitement… I rushed
der and started licking everytin around her
g—n like a dog saps water from a stream..
“No. ….. Not so..”
“Haven’t u ever done dis before?”
I shook my head..
“No wonder”… She smiled..
“Ok.. Use ur tongue to lick here” she touched
her c–t.. I took into my mouth and liked it…
She responded immediately…
“Aaaaaaaargh.. Yes.. Dats d spot.. Suck it..”
“hmmmmmmm.. Suck d toto..”
I was astonished at d level of stimulations she
was getting from just a simple sucking
procedure..I didn’t really care much… I just
s—-d away… She started moaning really
loud.. I was scared dat d secretary might here
“Yeeeeeh.. Ahhhhhh…. dammmn it”
I s—-d and s—-d..she held her Tips in
her fingers.. She pinched and shivered with
each touch.. I kept sucking, lapping and
tongue bleeping.. Until I heard her breathe in
deeply… I knew she was gonna c-m..
I quickly inserted my d–k and started
pounding.. Come and see moan..
“Yeah… hnmmmm.. omg”
I was so sure d. Secretary heard us.. But I
didn’t care… D exam didn’t even matter to me
now.. I was a slave to dis K—y-Cat.. I kept
bleeping.. She bucked, clenched and released
her juices.. I was still far from approaching.. I
bleeped her continously
I bleeped her hard.. I found myself muttering
words.. Words I couldn’t explain…
“f*********ck! she exclaimed as she
came d second time..
“I want ur d–k forever”
“Take my toto…”
“Ooooooh my. E sweet”
D sweetnes was getting to me.. D intensity
increased, tempo surged.. I couldn’t help it..
I poured out my seed… Sore as a castrated
child…my d–k went limp almost instantly.. I
dismounted.. Staggering onto d chair.. Taking
long breaths….
She was still in oblivion.. Still there.. Legs open,
shaking.. K—y-Cat hole eminent and not
closing.. My c-m dripping out of the dark,
pink hole..
“Wtf! My toto eh”
“Aaaaaargh dis boy don bleep me die”
After some time, she calmed down, wore her
clothes and sat down.. Still tired… She dosed
off to sleep.. I adjusted my sef and arranged d
principal’s office.. As I arranged I heard a soft
knock on d door..
To be continued…

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