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s£x In The Ghetto – Season 1 – Episode 7

Episode 7 (18+)
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I stayed untop of her, motionless.. The s-x
had been so intense.. We barely had time to
breathe.. I relished d feeling, giving her small
kisses all over her areolae and boobs.. She
was smiling..
I knew she was shy.. Here she was.. bleeped
out and tired by not just her
student, an
underaged, and extremely hung boi..
I quickly kissed her reassuringly…she kissed
back, unsure of d next course of action I
would d–k was still in her, semi
flaccid but active.. Her K—y-Cat was not just
wet, it was flowing with mik and honey..I was
moving it in and out.. Little by little.. She was
quiet at first but began making gluttural
I increased my tempo and my d–k became
more engorged with blood and hard…
Omg… D feeling was intense.. I realised I
wouldn’t last much in dis position.. I needed
a. Chamge to make d feeling lasting.. But I
was scared to ask her because even tho I was
bleeping her, I was still scared of her.. But I
decided to have a go for it..
“Turn around” I ordered… Surprisingly, she
obliged me.. And turned around.. Her a-s
totally on display…
I plunged once more, more confident dan I
was before.. She arched inwards.. Revealing
more a-s to me.. I almost ran wild.. By now, I
didn’t no it.. But I was d 1 moanining like a
“omg “ewwwwwweh o”
She kept pushing back to me with all her
strength.. Matching t—-t for t—-t..den she
started with her 5 year old moans..
“Ooooh.. Mmmmmmmmmm… Yaaaaaah”
We continued like this for like 10 more
thrusts… Den she went bonkers…
She turned abruptly.. Without leaving myd!ck
and pinned me on d sofa.. Riding me lke a
school gurl in d cowboy position… Her lips
were pouting,, her moans inconsistent.. She
rode me hard.. I looked at her… She needed
me.. My d–k was hers… I don’t know why I
feel a particular connection with d women I
Bleep… Like we we’re meant to..
I couldn’t last long… I tried to.. But d moans..
And d riding… I got carried away… Stiffened..
And released… I could tell she was climaxing
with a loud cry.. She gave up her juices…. She
glued her K—y-Cat to my d–k and continued
We breathed in unision… Her lips were still
pouted.. As if she was savouring d feeling… D
harshness and shyness in her face had
dissappeared.. Right now.. All dat remained
was..lust.. Pure lust.. And I was d cause.. I
was happy dat I was d cause.. I felt obliged..
And happy… We relaxed and calmed down..
Nepa took light
She sat on me.. Motionless.. And looked into
my eyes.. Mouth still pouted… Hips and K—y-
Cat fixed on my g—n.. Then she kissed me…
“I have not felt dat way in 12 years” she said..
Still looking at me..
“My husband had a tiny p—k.. He never had
time for me”
“Since dat day I saw u bleep evelyn and I saw
ur d–k, I wanted to bleep u”
I looked at her, mouth agape.. Wondering if I
was dreaming or not..
“I know u tink I’m harsh.. But wit d way u just
bleeped me now.., I can’t stop loving u”
I smiled..
I was doing d right thing.. And she
was loving me for it…. I carried her from d
sofa and up to d bed.. I stripped of my
clothing and climbed d bed with her..
Cuddling her Unclad body next to mine..I
didn’t care about anytin else.. Just d heat
generated from our enjoined bodies…she
snuck at my side like a little gurl.. Satisfied as
Bleep… And in no time, drizzled to sleep..I
myself would av slept.. But I found myself
tinking of how lucky I was to have bleeped all
these women… Different thoughts filtered tru my
head.. And slowly.. I drifted into a deep,
sweet, satisfying sleep…
D following morning, I woke up early and went
to her kitchen to boil water… I intended to
surprise her with breakfast of bread and tea..
In bed.. Cool huh? Lol.. My surprise was spoilt
wen she woke up almost immediately after I
did ..
“Good morning ma”.. I replied hurriedly…
“Stop calling me ma..”
“Morning baby”. She said. And kissed me fully
on the lips..
I was surprised but responded fully..
“U wanted to surprise me abi?”
“So u r dis romantic?” “Hmmmmm… Ur
Gurlfwend will be enjoying u o…”
I smiled…
“But u don’t have to do anytin for me.. Not
after all u did last nyt..”
“Lemme be d 1 to reciprocate d favour”
I knodded…
“Allryt sit down, go through ur notes and
prepare for ur exam.. Let me go and make
sometin gud for my prince…
I sat down…
“Nawa o!”
“Na me b dis?”
“Prince” choi… In d twinkle of an eye.. She had
prepared me breakfast.. Semo.. With a very
thick egusi soup laced wit kpomo, stockfish
and crayfish… She went. To her bedroom and
brought out a complete set of school uniform
out of her locker..
I wanted to ask who d owner was.. But I didn’t
bother again.. As d food was magneting me..
“I won’t eat without u..” I demanded in a
romantic voice..
“Dats. Sweet my baby.. ” She replied, rubbin
my head..
She immediately sat by my side and pecked
I ate d food cheerfully..feeding her occasionaly
and she reciprocating.. We finished had our
bath and headed for school… I still had an
exam to ryt afterall.. As we approached d skul
gate, we met a police. Van in front of d school
and a little crowd gathered at d gate.. I
couldn’t hide my anxiety.. I ran ahead to d
gate and peeped through d crowd only to see
my mother shouting…
“Wey my pikin?”
“Dem say I’m come here for lesson yesterday!”
“Una no no say dem fight yesterday?”
“20 people na I’m dem say die for dat fight”
“If una no bring my pikin come out ehn,una go
hear weeen o!”
As I peeped through d crowd and saw my
mother shouting, I was touched..
“So dis woman really like me like dis?”
She was shouting untop of her voice.. Half
crying already… I don’t blame her tho..
Nobody did.. It wasn’t easy bein an only son
for my father.. And d fighting of yesterday had
been so intense, even by ajegunle standards…
The principal and a couple of staff tried to
calm her down.. But she didn’t want to hear..
“Madam pls calm down.. Nothing will happen
to ur child” evelyn said
“Nothing must happen to him o…” My mother
When I couldn’t take it anymore, I just pushed
my way to d crowd and shouted
Instinctively, everybody turned and tilted dier
heads in d direction of my voice.. Even my
mum was shocked…
Immediately she saw me, she ran to meet me,
embracing me tight amidst sighs from
concerned onlookers.. After d hug, na so dis
woman recharge mtn 1000 for my face o
“We’re did u go to last nyt”
D joy wey me bin get wan fade to. Sadness.. I
for cry o.. Dat slap na adult standard.. But as
a big boi.. Wey b mrs busayo baby, I just
form… I con dey look up,dey grind my teeth..
She bin wan land another 1 wen mrs busayo
interrupted her..
“He slept at my place” she said…
Na so everybody turn look d woman o…
Na so mrs busayo start to dey explain o..
From d part wen I go lesson, to d pursuers to
wen she see me, d feeding, she con use scope
jump d s-x part.. Dey talk say I dey read all
tru d nyt’. Say I b gud boi… As I look her ehn I
no no say dis woman sabi lie.. Jesus.. With
her mary amaka gown and nerdy glasses.. Dis
woman wey bin wan use toto finish me
yesterday…everybody bought d story except
evelyn d french teacher… I caught her
mrs busayo if she knew wat really
happened during d nyt.. I was scared to look
@ her for too long.. So as not to affirm her
“Thank u mrs busayo for helping us save him
and protect him tru out d nyt” the principal
“Thank u my sister” my mum added…
“Oh don’t thank me, thank God..”
I eyed her funnily… And she winked back…
My mother turned to me. And said…
“You.. U go come meet me for ows wen u
finish ur exam na”
My heart sank…chai.. See wa o
I just bone waka enter skul..afterall no b
We don dey chop beating tey tey no b today…
The crowd dispersed.. And we all headed for d
school assembly hall while my mum, satisfied
with my presence and my safety, left in d
police van to my house…
As soon as I entered d school compound, all
eyes we’re on me.. It was as if everybody
thought somethin bad had happened to me.. I
didn’t care less tho.. I was relieved that my
mum actually now knew we’re I slept and how
I fared.. Moreso, I had s-x and was no longer
afraid of mrs busayo.. She now even called me
baby.. Lol
D examination was d 1st general paper we
we’re havin in d exam.. D first being
we had a lot of external candidates plus my
classmates from arts and commercial class
also making d population large.. I walked into
d midst of my classmates and exchanged
pleasantries. With ma fwends..
In no time we we’re checked in and we sat
down on our examination seats.. I surveyed
my environment very well.. To my right was
akachukwu, a fair busty unintelligent rude
gurl, to my left was junior.. A nerdy intelligent
boi who. Was super good and a super
disciplined DEEPER LIFER.. Choi d only person
dat was giving me hope was d guy directly in
front of me.. I didn’t know him but with d way
he was looking confident I thought he would
be very intelligent… I quickly initiated a
conversation with him..
“Oboi wetin dey na?”
“Nna I dey o…”
“Ow dis exam go go na?” I quizzed
“Oboi na ur hand e dey o…”
“My hand as ow? Na u b boss o…”
As we we’re talking junior interrupted us..
“Please u people shouldn’t disturb me o.. I
want to pray”…
We both laughed..
“Churchi.. Pray for us oo”
Within 10 mins, we we’re served our econs
I looked at it.. I was better dan d average
student so I could recognise some questions
dat I could answer, some dat we’re not too
friendly and some dat we’re plain out french…
I started writing… D guy in my front instead of
contributing became a pest…
“Oboi u don forget me. For hia o..”He said in
his igbotic accent..
“I dey come”I replied hurriedly, writing as if I
wud forget my answers any time soon…
After some time, he couldn’t wait for me any
longer..he brought out an essential textbook
from his shirt… And started copying codedly…
I noticed it and became very anxious.. I
quickly started pestering for sure help..
“Oboi make I see na”
“When I dey call u dat time, u answer me?”
“Abeg no vex” I replied…
He den motioned on me to calm down…
After some time, he looked at me and said..
“I go give u dis textbook but I no want trouble
I knodded affirmatively..
He gave it to me and I was running everytin
/> so smoothly until almost d end of d exam..
Satisfied dat I was almost tru, I wanted to
return d textbook to him until I heard a sharp
voice shout..
“Hold it right there!…….

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