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s£x In The Ghetto – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6
I gobbled up all d rice and stew first..
Hungry as a refugee.. After shining d plate, I
settled down to eat my fish.. It was an epic
finale.. After d fish, I settled down with my
fanta.. I relinquished d wonderfuLly prepared
meal… And relaxed calmly… Mrs busayo was
sleeping healthily..
I didn’t want to disturb
her.. I cleared d dishes and went to d
kitchen.. Got d hot water and put off d
stove.. I I fetched water from d well and
added hot water to it.. I quickly took my
bath and ran inside.. Wit nothing but my
boxer and singlet.. I entered, locked d door
tight and d burglary proof and sat on the
The rain poured out its fury.. Cats and dogs
it rained until abt an hour later.. It just
stopped abruptly.. And instinctively, nepa
brought light.. I felt relieved and happy… At
least I could watch a movie.. As I wasn’t
feeling sleepy at all.. I stood up to go and
check on mrs busayo.. I opened d partition
and wat I saw blew my mind…
She had obviously rolled in her sleep with
nothing but her wrapper around her chest,
which had losed its hold.. And turned around
lying supine and stark Unclad!!!
I was sure she had forgotten dat she wasn’t
alone and slept off.. My d–k instantly
became hard… Here in my presence was mrs
busayo..Unclad.. I looked @ her.. She was a
curvy woman.. Brown skin, with voluptous
boobs.., healthy stomach and well shaved.
Dark K—y-Cat.. I grew hard just looking @
her.. Just 1 quick glance @ her face still
frowning in her sleep.. Brought me bak to
my senses.. I was in deep trouble already
wit her for bleeping evelyn my french
teacher.. To be caught staring at her
unclothedness was something I wasn’t
prepared for.. I went back to d sitting room..
And decided to keep my mind busy.. I
looked at her cd player.. Watching a movie
would b d perfect distraction.. I looked @ d
time..11: 15.. I decided 1 movie wouldn’t
hurt.. I went to d shelve put on her cd
player.. And hit play..
I switched on d tv and lowered d dvolume to
d lowest and sat down to enjoy d movie..
As it loaded I relaxed myself to see d
movie… I didn’t even know wat cd it was
sef.. Suddenly d movie started.. And lo and
behold my eyes met a sweet sex movie aka
blue film….
I was shocked… Choi!! See dis serious
religious woman.. Dey watch blue film…at
dat time, dey weren’t much of those in d
market and it was highly competitive to
get… Well, she was sleeping and d light was
wasting.. So I watched…
Anybody familiar with vintage p–n would
testify dat tins we’re raw, more sensual and
quite entertaining dan all dese fake stuffs
we av now.. As I watched, I grew hard..
Honey wilder was being serviced by peter
north.. D action was on point.. I was already
rubbing my d–k…but d fun wasn’t totally
complete.. I needed d sound.. But fear. Con
dey catch me.. If dis woman we’re to hear
anytin and catch me, I am in soup.. Another
voice said forget… No b she get d cd? w€tin
she wan
do? D oda mind said again..”Wat if
she seize am from somebody?” I pondered
and pondered.. I went to av a peek @ her
again.. She was still sound asleep and
Unclad.. omg! As nepa brought d light, I
was able to see her body better.. She had d
stephanie okereke kind of body.. Her c–t
was so big and luscious. Standing proud on
top of her K—y-Cat… I couldn’t help it… I
went bak to d cd player and hit d volume
“Just a little higher ” “she won’t hear it” I
said.. And balanced to av a good self-
I didn’t know when I got carried away.. Must
have been d sweet sensual jacking away.. I
was on d brinsk of satisfaction wen I
noticed some noise.. Before I could say jack
robinson I heard…
“Whaaaaaaaaaaaat ”
“What are u doing wit my cd player?”
I stood up. er£ct sweating all over with my
d–k standing too like a flag…
“So u mean u have d audacity to…..”
Pause.. I was already tinking dat my own
soup don done today wen I saw her pause..
Confused by something…
I traced her eyes down to where she was
looking.. She was looking @my d–k.. I
looked back into her eyes.. I saw a look of
lust, awe and anxiety all over her face.. The
same look she had wen she discovered me
and evelyn and saw my d–k… I instantly
knew it den.. She needed a good Bleep…
I don’t know we’re I got d morale from…
Must have been d movie..and d fact dat I
was bleeping matured women now..
I rushed at her, pinned her to d wall and
kissed her fully on d lips.. As I kissed her,
she resisted me firmly.. But I couldn’t give
up just too soon.. I kissed her hard again..
With my fingers locating her wrapper knot, I
loosened it..
Now it was body against body.. Pinned to d
wall.. She was trying to say something like a
threat wen imy fingers found her K—y-Cat..
Immediately I touched her labia, she
responded with and ooooooow… And kept
I kissed her she was responding
little by little.. I quickly inserted 1 finger into
her coochie…
“omg” she broke d kiss.. And reacted
tenderly to my touch.. Dis woman hadn’t
been touched since here hubby died! And
she was aching for it. I looked at her… All
her resistance was gone.. Before I knew it,
she kiSsed me.. Fervently.. Pushing me to
her sofa..I sat down d–k still glorious in
She s——-d me and immediately fixed my
d–k to d entrance of her K—y-Cat… Using it
to massage and tease her c–t..
I was goin bunkers with suspense..
She kissed me again.. This time more
passionately…like a newly wedded teen… I
liked her tongue, gave her d best I had.. And
instinctively pushe my d–k up into her K—y-
“Oooooooooouuch” was d next tin I heard..
She moaned like a 9 year old… Her K—y-Cat
was d tightest I had ever bleeped.. So tight,
wet and throbbing…
Immediately I pushed up again.. Savouring d
“Cheeeeeeei”.. “Aaaaaaaaaaargh”
“E don tay” “aaAaaaaaaargh my”
I kept pushing up to meet her.. She held
unto me like I child on d moda’s back and
was pushing her hips to mine..
I was bleeping Mrs Busayo.. And she was
loving it.. Her moans made me wild.. Like
dat of a baby…
“Aaaaargh” “yaaaaaaaaaa” “Bleep my”
“Your d–k is too sweeeet”
“omg” she kept moaning…
I didn’t even know when I carried
her..straight to her bed in 3 seconds.. I lay
her down and quickly inserted… Missionary
style.. My best position..
I pounded away…looking at her throbbing
K—y-Cat and her face.. She was shy..
Throwing her head to d side.. But moaning
in rythm.. I continued plugging.. D K—y-Cat
was so sweet.. I knew I was gonna come
soon.. And her moans we’re not helping
matters either.. I decided to ride her as fast
as I could into oblivion..I lay totally untop
her.. And kissed her neck.. What happened
immediately after dat was unbelievable…she
“Muuuuummmmy mi o…”
“Oko mi o…”
“This boy don finish me”… I was surprised
and shocked, and dis lowered my ecitement
level.. But made me discover her most
sensitive spot.. I kissed her again and
started rotating my hips as I bleeped her…
“Mummy mi”
Oti dun ju”
Her moans we’re sweet words of pleasure…
I started replying her.. Subconsciously…
“Take my banana”
“Yeah.. Do u love me?”
“U want my d–k?”
Chei… She used her 2 hands to hold my
yansh.*nd was meeting my thrusts.. I
couldn’t hold it any longer.. Bountifull spurts
of my c-m..sprayed allover d walls of her
like a tap as I came.. Forcing her
over d edge.. She responded wit..
“Aaaaaaargh bobo yii ti kpa mi”
Her muscles squeezed my d–k hard…den
her jusices flowed allover it..
Mission accomplished, I lay der ontop of
her, relishing. D feeling…
To be continued…

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